Monday, July 16, 2012

Britt's First Week in Town and an Exciting Announcement!

This week was a little less productive than some, but we managed to keep at it.  Britt had come into town with the boys the night before, so on Monday we were invited to visit with them at Nell and Trevor's where they were staying. Dad and I stopped on the way up so I could see our newest grand baby, Adilyn.  She's a beauty, and we all had a nice visit.

When we got to PG,  Nell was nice enough to feed us all, and Becca and Titan came to see Britt and the boys as well.  Here is Eva with her grandpa.

I worked on Blogging projects all week and worked Wednesday and Thursday as usual.  I got a few more projects done, with Dad's help, of course, to get ready for flea.o.logy, which we then cancelled due to rain and rescheduled for next week.

 Thursday night,  the Payson Royalty came by with their photographer.  They agreed that the house was the perfect spot for the official portraits.
Then Grandpa shared his fudgecycle with 'baby girl', who seems to enjoy the messy experience.
On Friday Dad had taken the day off to help with flea.o.logy set up and also with babysitting Beckie, as Emily had gone up to youth conference.

We took her to Home Depot with us to get a few things for the garden house, as well as a ceiling fan for our bedroom. It was a bit hard to give up a chandelier in there, but its been so hot...
I finished up my 'file cabinet' ala shoe organizer.  I made about half the boxes for the covered craft storage, but Nell gave me some shoe boxes that fit pretty well, and I just had to put fronts on those, believe me that saved a LOT of work. So thanks Nell!

The first thing Saturday, Dad was off to run the Scottish Festival 5 K.  Then when he got back he worked on the garden house roof for a while.  Since flea.o.logy was 'rained' out Dad and I got to go up to the Scottish Festival.  I bought Dad a sports kilt so he can wear it next year when he runs the 5K.  I have plans for all three Scotts to run in kilts next year... (Robert Scott, Trevor Scott, and Jaden Scott!)

That night Dad and I ran up to Highland for Barb's Mom's 90th birthday.  We had a great time visiting, mainly with Matthew Mason, while we all ate 'Maui Chill' frozen yogurt and toppings ... yummy.

On Sunday evening we headed up to Trevor and Nell's to help celebrate Eva's 5th birthday with breakfast for dinner.
Everyone took turns holding sweet little Adilyn.

 It was great having Britt and the boys with us, and extra fun to see all the cousins interacting with each other.

Trevor and Eva made another pinata, this one a castle, and it did not hold out like the house one they did last time.  Each of the little kids got a few whacks and out came the candy.  Lots of fun, not as much suspense.
 You may notice that Sam is wearing a hat with Adilyn May Perkins initials on it.  What a great and supportive uncle he is.

Love the pic of the princess and her castle above and the one of Briahnna with her two babes.

Zach loved having his uncles play with him.  Lots of big smiles!!

All in all it was a long day, as you can see as Zach fights off sleep on the way home.   When I got home I had to fight off sleep too, and so did Emily.  I stayed up until almost 2:00 finishing my craft and its attending blog post for Monday.  Emily had an unexpected movement forward of a translation deadline and was up until 5:00 AM in my family room finishing it up.  I said good night to her at 2:00 AM when I headed to bed, and Dad got to say good morning to her at 4:30 AM this morning when he got up.   

This is the 'craft' that I put together for my Pollyanna Blog this morning,  in the wee hours ...

And now for the excitement, Becca has finally agreed that I can share her wonderful news, she is expecting a baby the end of January!! Hurrah!

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  1. Phew! I thought you forgot that your title exciting annoncement! Congrats! I am impressed with Uncle Sam's hat (that's so funny, I just realized he was "uncle Sam". Love the pinata! CUTE baby! Cool drawer set! And this was a LESS Productive week?