Monday, June 25, 2012

A House Tour, Art Museum, Baby Shower and Family Dinner.

It was an intensive week for both Dad and I, as he finished up his biggest remodel ever in the store in Centerville, and I finished up my month long project getting the house ready for a tour on Saturday.   By Saturday night we were both exhausted and even our plans to go to a movie were scrapped in lieu of watching a DVD at home .... zzzzzzz  On Monday I got going on moving my craft room up from the basement to the larger guest room.  With plans for air mattresses, fold away beds and a hide a bed in the library we will be able to sleep 6 adults, and if Dad and I slip up to the attic to sleep on our future bed, we will have room for 8.  Yeah!!  But all the fetching and carrying up from the basement really wore me out.  I did it all of Monday and Tuesday, except when I went visiting teaching Tuesday evening while Dad was doing his regular temple assignment.

I tried to dovetail my regular life with getting the craft room set up and cleaning up the rest of the house, which, as you have probably all noticed, was in need of a good cleaning.  This picture made me laugh.  I did the photo wall on Thursday night of antique group pictures for my blog, and after I did the photo shoot I thought I would show the whole room.  The right side is clean and tidy for the pics, and the left side is a cluttered mess. 

Luckily for me, Emily followed through with her promise of a gift of service, polishing my silverware, that she gave me for Mother's day.  When you all ate with the shiny silverware yesterday, I am sure you appreciated it too.

I worked Wednesday and Thursday, as did Dad, taking his father to dinner on Thursday night, and then visiting with his Aunt Karen about some possible upgrades is Grandpa's care situation.  I meanwhile had a buying appointment in Springville for a very nice lady who is going into an assisted living place in St. George soon and who is selling off a few antiques.  She never married, and is just a few years older than  me.  It made me appreciate more than ever, how blessed I am to have such a wonderful husband and great kids!!

Friday was a crazy cleaning day for me.  I finished up a few decor things, and cleaned from 8:00 AM until 1:00 AM, when after waxing the kitchen floor, I sunk into a hot bubble bath. Sigh ....  I awoke at 4:00 AM after just 2 hours asleep and was so stiff I could barely move... this whole getting old thing just stinks.

But it was all worth it when 30+ people in two separate tours came to see the house.  It was so fun to see some old friends from church, and the antique mall, and even met the sister of one of our mall dealers.  When everyone was gone, I was off to work a day, and Scott was off to do another shift at the temple, as the supervisor had 'begged' him to fill in.

One fun thing for Dad at the tour was running into a woman who grew up next door to him in Cottonwood.  Her maiden name was JoAnne Lindman.   They had a great chat.  She had 9 children, so there was lots to talk about, she now lives in Santequin, small world eh?

I had my friend Wendy come in and work two hours for me so I could run to Heather Bigler's wedding shower. I hadn't realized it was an open house style, so after a half hour I had some time to kill, and spent an hour at the Springville art museum.  That was sort of deliciously serendipitous, and I saw this sculpture that was done by my cousin Debbie Avati's husband.  That was a nice surprise.  I also noticed several 'steampunk' sculptures and canvases, which was very satisfying.

On Sunday morning I got to baby sit Beckie for a few minutes while her parents were out, and Grandpa was at meeting for his 'other' ward.  I introduced her to bubbles, and that was really fun.  She ended up asleep in my arms in the library, one of my very favorite things.
 Dad and I then got to go to Pleasant Grove for Tyler Dicou's mission report.  What a wonderful young man, he served in South Korea, and it was so interesting to hear his talk.
We got home and started getting ready for having the kids come to dinner.  I had injured my shoulder in my sleep, how's that for a talent, and laid down with the hotpad for an hour.  When I got up Dad had made the icecream, cut up the watermelon and was working on getting the pork 'pulled'.  What a great guy.  I helped him  by bringing in the round top for the kitchen table, and some extra chairs, adding the leaf to the dining table and setting both tables.  Kind of funny, because it was pretty much reversed roles for us.  Above you can see that while forcing folks to see my new craft room the 'birdie house' was rediscovered by Eleanor.  We have pics just like this of Eva at the same age right after Dad built it.  So fun!!

Nell's sister Sarah is in town, so she and Alexis, who is at BYU (shown here with Eva), both came to dinner too, which made it extra fun.  It was Sarah's offer to bring some of her amazing cup cakes that gave me the idea to have homemade icecream to go with them.  Then Briahnna surprised us by bringing that yummy layered dessert that Grandma Ida used to make, (In the old days people used to call it 'better than sex dessert', we were so wild in the old days ... ) so there was not an unsatisfied sweet tooth in the house.

I took a few pics at the beginning of the party, such as this one of Becca, Titan and Aunt Darby, before succumbing to the pain in my shoulder and heading back to an rendezvous with the hot pad in my bedroom, while Dad played host extraodinaire.

And just in closing, we are all looking forward to a special event this week.  Briahnna's doctor said the baby is over 7 lbs and if she does have it this week she will be started on July 2nd.  We can hardly wait to meet our newest grandchild, and we will keep you all posted!! Love and Hugs -Mom and Dad.

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