Sunday, June 17, 2012

3 Sick Babies and the Best Father's Day Ever!

Yep, another full and fun week marred only by 3 one year olds taking turns having temps.  It started on Monday with my We Can group meeting at our house to start making ornaments for the Festival of Trees ...  Dad spent another week at the Centerville Fresh Market... and ran into  trouble.  When the flooring people scraped the old tile up, they found major damage to the cement floor, and when they tried to repair it, it failed to set due to water on the floor.  A week later and Dad's crew is making plans to put together strips of gondola displays (the strips of shelving he was moving last week) in odd spots, so they can move them into place when and if the floor gets done.  Frustrating!!

I of course was busy doing what I do, rehabbing, reinventing and restoring, and then blogging about it.  The pink sewing machine was formerly grey, and after a customer knocked it off and broke the fly wheel I decided to have some fun with it.
Dad went to the temple, as usual, for his shift on Tuesday.  I then worked Wednesday and Thursday, while working on the upstairs, since I have never really fixed up the bedroom since Spencer and Seth moved out, oh, lets say, 5 MONTHS ago, and we have a house tour here next Saturday for the Payson Quilter's Guild.

Thursday night Dad took his Dad to dinner as usual.  Grandpa isn't wearing his hearing aids anymore, so its a pretty quiet evening,but I think that both Dad and Grandpa enjoy it. (Well I would, Thursday is free margarita night!!)

On Friday I worked on the house more, and happily Spencer dropped by and helped me move some furniture around.  I know its not his favorite thing, so I super appreciate his help.

I met Becca and Brady at the DI (my choice) to pick up Titan, as they were headed to Park City for a romantic overnighter.  I got home in time to hook up with Dad and we ....

all went and did the Provo Historic Home tour, which we love.  We strolled about two miles around residential Provo and saw 5 houses, a couple of which are amazing. Afterwards there was a lecture on the historic Provo Tabernacle and its transition to a temple at the Provo Library, shown to the right.  Titan was the only child in a huge room of 300 people, and he was great!!  At least Becca and Brady know he's an easy kid. 

Saturday morning while Titan and I were off to garage sales via the stroller, and sticking to main street (We hit four sales)  Dad was off to run a fun run sponsored by our stake, with Davin.  Bri and Elias came along for the fun, so after the race I got this shot of Grandpa with his two one year old grandsons.

Next Dad, Titan and I were off to see Darby and Dolce running a jump course at her barn, Rose Ranch in Salt Lake.  After her course, Darby let Titan have a minute on the horse, she said that he seemed like a natural, and knew just how to hold on!!  A few slupees later (We later found out that Titan loves frozen novelties, so good choice, eh?) and we were headed south.  Dad spent a couple of hours on the Garden house, while I worked on a rehab project for a piece of furniture for my up and coming craft room.  Titan took a quick nap, and Spencer, who dropped by to do some sawing in the attic, had a chance to play with him a bit.

Then we all met at 7-peaks for our Father's Dad celebration.  Dad later said he was sure it would be poorly attended, and was thinking it would be sort of a waste with all he has to do.  As it turned out, EVERYONE who could normally be expected showed up, except for Sam, Nell and Eleanor, who was sick.  Davin and Bri and Emily got there a couple of hours early, so about the time we got there, Davin, et al, took off because Elias had a temp and was grumpy.   Since Titan had had a temp the night before, it meant that all of our adorables were under the weather for part of the week, poor babies.  Dad said he had a ball, and it was the most fun Father's day he can recall!!  So glad we did something a little different.

Darby even ran down after her horse show and got to spend an hour and a half with what was left of the gang. 
 I actually think Spencer's favorite part was playing with the babies.

Here we see the bachelor boys with their matching facial hair and in the picture below its hard to tell which of them is playing with baby Becki.  We for your info, it is actually Spencer.

Well, our fun day is over, and Becca and Brady catch a few of the evening rays before heading home ...

We were starved by the time we got to Payson, so I took Dad to dinner at Low Mexican for Father's Day.  When we got home he went to bed while I fiddled more with my new craft room, and downloaded some pictures.

Today I made a nice breakfast for Dad for father's day and gave him his gifts.  Then it was three hours at Church, with Dad by my side, per instruction from the Stake President to go to their home ward.  (He did sneak off after breakfast and before our church, to go to his assigned ward for a couple of meetings, though.  That's Dad for you, always exceeding expectations!!)

So that was our week.   Lots of fun for Dad and me!!

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  1. I just love your family and I love your blog! I like the idea of family gatherings at 7 peaks.