Sunday, June 10, 2012

All Work and No Play ... for Grandpa!

Dad spent most of his week working on the Centerville Fresh Market reset this week.  If you look behind him you can see wheels attached to the row of shelving.  That is because he and a crew of about 10 men just moved that fully loaded row of shelving.  Whoa.

My week was much slower.  I took Scott and Eva home on Monday, then junked my way home, before cleaning up and hosting our FHE group here at the house.

The rest of the week for me was working, blogging, reading, and going to movies. 

Dad texted me that the Lucky One had finally come to the dollar theater, so we went on Wednesday night, that was fun.

On Friday I met Jenn and Cathie in Centerville for one of the best garage sales I have been to in years.   We then attended a church sale, and on our way to A Bed of Roses in Farmington, stopped at a garage sale that had this amazing wilderness side and back yard, even though the house was on Main Street in Farmington.  The property back on Lagoon's back wilderness so it was like being out in the woods, 50 feet from a main road with tons of traffic.  So strange.

When my friend Cathie took me back to my car (that I had left in a parking lot in Centerville before trekking to Farmington)  I realized I was parked in the lot where Dad was doing his remodel.  (That is how I got the first pic in this post.) LOL

Saturday morning, Dad was off for his regular run and I was off to a few local garage sales.  When we got  back, I hauled the fancy antique gingerbread trim out of the attic so we would know how high to make the eve on the garden house.  Dad needed help stabilizing the structure and I even got to put in some screws.  While he worked on the structure I painted the door and the gingerbread, so they would be ready to attach.  I loved the paint color that came from mixing three different cans of green paint I found in the  basement.

I also go to see Becki for a moment, when Emily was cleaning the car.  Emily was gone all week to girls camp and Dad even complained about not getting to see Becki much.  I guess we have been pretty spoiled having her so near by.

That night we found that Hunger Games had also come to the dollar movies, so we went and saw it again.  The third time for me and the second time for Dad. 

Today we had a pretty normal Sunday, other than Dad running to Centerville for a few hours for more of the remodel there.  He got home in time to do a couple of meetings with his other ward then joined us for Sunday School, where Sam did another great job teaching.

Tonight we met at Trevor and Nell's for dinner.  Trevor had his guitar out and he and Spencer played us a few tunes.

Briahnna is about done being pregnant, expecting to deliver before the end of the month.  It was also great to see Ben and how much fun he had with the grandkids.

This picture makes me laugh, Spencer and Ben are trying to put chap stick on Becki, she has other ideas.

Besides a great dinner, thanks Nell, there were bottle rockets, the water kind of course.

And the swinging of the grand kids in blankets, which is always a hit.

And lots of enjoying the nieces and nephews, as always.  Thanks everyone, it was a great get together. 


  1. Your family gatherings look so fun!

    Wish we lived closer so we could bop to the dollar theater with you!

    We are off to Hawaii on Thursday so don't know when we will get to see your faces again! Hopefully soon after that!