Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dad Finishes His First Half Marathon!!

Dad Finishes His First Half Marathon!!

This past week was a full one. Scott did cookie and cracker resets at four different stores, which kept him out of the office for the most part. Monday found me having luncheon with Barb at the the Summer in the Park with Jane. The lunch was prepared by the UVU culinary arts students and was amazing. Here are Barb and I with Melissa Larsen, author of Persuasions, a play being performed in SLC next month. They did a couple of bits from the play for us at the luncheon as well.

Emily brought Beckie up to visit that afternoon, and then Emily and I and her friend Emily all had a glitter toes appointments that afternoon here at the house with the same lady who did them for our Mother's Spa Night.

Dad and I had our Family Home Evening group that night with the Kews. Here are Debbie Dockstader, Steve Kew, Mike and Dianne Forster. There were 6 others in attendance as well. We had a couple who is serving a mission at the MTC. arranging for individuals to be taught as the missionaries practice. It was pretty fun and amazing to hear about their mission.

On Tuesday morning I went to the Payson pool with Linda Gilson, a lady from the ward, and did water aerobics. It was fun, but I was disappointed to hear that they are suspending the morning swim next week. I so wish we had a year round pool.

Then I got busy painting the cubbies above, that I had gotten the previous weekend at an estate sale. I also managed to paint a night stand to take into the antique mall the next day.

Emily and I went to lunch at Dalton's because we had a great coupon. That was fun, we walked over and the baby made a mess of our booth. Ah, making memories.

That night Dad was back to the temple for the first time in a month, as it had been closed. He said all went smoothly and he was glad to be back.

I worked Wednesday and Thursday, packing before going to work Thursday, as I would be leaving for the Shakespeare Festival with my book club right after work. I got to meet up with Ashley's kids, who were being watched by Emily as we headed out the door. Emily had made arrangements for them for the weekend, as Ashley and Andy had a disk golf tournament. I can't believe all the stuff that happened that weekend, that we obviously missed ... hopefully we got in the most important.

Here I am at the Shakespeare festival. We all had a great time, I saw three of the five plays we had planned, missing the first, so as not to miss a day of work, then missing the last so that I could get home for 2 weddings and a homecoming.

Dad went to the High Priest Social on his own on Friday night. He had a great time, and got to hear the Stake President give a very inspirational talk, that was mentioned a couple of times on Sunday. Glad I knew someone who was there so I could get the scoop .

Saturday morning Dad was off for the Provo River Trail half marathon. He managed to meet his goal, but came home tired and starving. After eating he headed to the Orem rental house where he spent three hours and three trips to the store to fix the sprinklers there. He saw Cindy Burr next door, as her daughter has bought Doug Peterson's house.
I got home from Cedar City at 7:00 and we headed to Orem for the wedding of one of the Snell twins. It was great to visit with old ward members, and to find out that Pete Dotson is the 11 year old scout leader there. I hope Ian will decide to do scouts, Pete is a blast!! Next it was off to Chelsea McGowan's wedding reception in Highland. To the left are her two sisters, Elise and Alexa. It was great to see Jenn and Craig, who just came out for two days to attend the wedding and homecoming, this was the main reason I decided to drop the last play, I didn't want to miss them while they were here.

Below is the wedding cake Chelsea made for herself. She also took three days and did an 16 foot table of cookies, cupcakes, cake bites etc. Best looking buffet I have seen!

Afterwards Dad and I met up with Becca and Brady and Titan at Maui Chill. It was fun to visit, and to play with Titan. Maui Chill seems to be as busy as ever!! Looks like a winner.

Sunday morning Dad and I were off to Andrew McGowen's homecoming talk in Highland at 9:00. He did a great job, and of course it was sort of heartbreaking, since his parents left the church while he was on his mission. Someone asked if it was awkward to see them, knowing that. I said, not really, we are such old and dear friends that it can't be awkward. Of course we pray for them mightily, but in all honestly, they are too good of people to stay away for long. Jenn is really one of my heroes!! But then again the Book of Mormon does say that if it were possible, in the last days, even the VERY ELECT may be deceived.

We got home and Dad rushed off to his other ward meetings. I met up with him for Sunday school, after our sacrament meeting, in which Brent and Jane York spoke. Brent mentioned they had gone through he temple last May, who knew? That is so cool!

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