Thursday, March 15, 2012

Toddler Fun - by Briahnna

Toddler Fun

I was trying to turn on a movie for Elias and the vcr just kept spitting the video out at me. I got a little bummed because 90% of our Disney collection is on VHS. Once I had a few spare minutes I decided to take a look at it since the connected DVD player still worked great. I tried reaching in and didn't feel any big toys so picked it up to shake it. Heard it rattle like a snake. A good 10 minutes of shaking, twisting, turning, and pouring and I got 10 goldfish out and quite a few crumbs. Apparently it is just as fun to swim the fishies into your mouth as it is to swim them into forbidden flaps :)
Elias is loving giving kisses now, and with Broc gone on his mission for 6 months, he has finally gotten over the open mouth kiss and is willing to give them closed lips :) He is getting way better as his signs and is starting to put 2 together. The other night, we were playing with him getting him ready for bed and he was giggling so cute I wanted to take him to the other room to play some more before putting him down. He saw me walking out of his room and quick signed "sleep" to me and pointed to his crib. Guess he knows what he wants! He is starting to mimick all short phrases we say, and is willing to wear or do anything we do.
22 weeks along with our little girl - getting closer and closer! Showing more and more all the time and she is moving like crazy. She moves way more than I remember Elias moving. Still no decision on a name, but hopefully getting close!

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