Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grandmama and Grandpapa's Week

Yep Grandmama and Grandpapa managed to find things to do to fill their time for yet another week.  There were outings, meals out with friends and family, a movie, a play and scrabble, lets see how it played out.

On Monday Dad went to the General Merchandise show in Salt Lake, then got the gondola movers and took them to the Provo Maceys.

I was in the same neck of the woods, with a dentist appointment and a trip to DI.  When I got home I went by a neighbors to appraise some antiques she asked me to help her with.

On Tuesday Eva and I went to Salt Lake, which is getting to be a monthly affair.  We went to visit and play games and eat icecream with Aunt Cheryl at Grandpa's house.  On the left above is Eva eating her icecream cone. 

Next it was off to my friend Marci's where Eva plopped down on Marci's deep furry carpet and started making snow angels, which made me laugh.  Then Marci introduced her to the Barbie house she keeps for her granddaughters. .... lets just say I think she enjoyed Marci's as much as I did, which is saying a LOT.

That night Dad had his normal shift at the temple, and I worked doing some crafting and reading. (I finished reading Austenland at Midnight by LDS author Shannon Hale and loved it! National Best Seller too.)
Wednesday and Thursday I worked. Taking Becky with me to work on Thursday as Emily had a dentist appointment, and came by an hour after we opened to reclaim her prize.  It was fun to show the baby off to my friends at the Mall.

 Thursday night Dad took his Dad to LaCocina for dinner, they are becoming very well known there, in fact sometimes he picks up rent checks there as our Salt Lake renters often eat there Thursday nights and they know he will be there.  Funny eh?

On Friday I stopped at my friend Wendy's to drop off some fabric I picked up for her in Hawaii.  She showed me some of the fun stuff she has been doing and she had about four pennant banners hanging around her house.  Too funny, guess they are 'catching'.

I continued to Robin's where she, Teri Quigg and I watched the first two episodes of Downton Abby.  Everyone, including Britt, is talking about it, and Dad and I were just lost when we tried to watch a current episode without any background info.  I now have the first season coming off ebay, and a deal with Teri who has the second season for a trade when Dad and I get done with the first.  Such a fun series.

Saturday I was off early to meet Cathie and Jenn at the Hale Center Theater in Orem where they were having their annual surplus sale.  Not to be missed.  Then we had breakfast and visited about our upcoming trip to California and our May flea.o.logy sale.  I ran some errands on the way home, including picking up stuff for Dad at the hardware store.

That day Dad sorted the bills and started getting ready to see the tax accountant.  He got in some reading too and did some repairs to our flea.o.logy sign, thanks honey.

That night we met Wendy and Steve to see The Importance of Being Ernest at a little theater in Springville.  The place was small and haphazard, but the acting was great, and I love the play. I think we all had a great time.

Today I subbed in Primary, which was interesting.  Of course it was fun to see the kids again.  After church Dad stayed for choir, and I came home and put lasagna in the oven.  Seth and Spencer came for dinner and played Scrabble with us afterwards.  Emily came up during the game and sort of  helped Dad while he held Becky.  After Seth and Spencer left, we played another game with Emily.  She won that one, good job Em.

So that is how it was for the old folks at home.  Love you all, and hope your week was equally, if not more, exciting!!

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