Sunday, March 18, 2012

High Councilman Perkins and other items of minimal interest.

Dad's week was spent working on the Fresh Market reset in Provo.  He was pretty exhausted all week, because its so much physical labor.

After work Monday he went over to the hospital to visit with Richard Rodriquez who he home teaches.

That night the Kews called and we went over and visited with them for a bit.

For me Monday was spent making crafts and blogging about them and other things, including:

this wreath, which is now hanging on my front door.  Funny story:

Tuesday I spent the morning blogging, now that I am doing a post every day plus the ones I do on the  flea.o.logy and the Treasures blogs, it takes some time.  So, as it happens, the wind is blowing and I can definitely hear foot steps, someone is walking around downstairs ....

When I go down there, I see nothing, natta, no one .... then I hear the steps on the front porch .... spooky, when I go out my wreath is flipped backwards, and while I stand there I see it flip and flip and flip in the wind .... so lightweight it sounds like footsteps ....

That night I made dinner for one of my Visiting Teaching ladies, who has infant twins, and then went visiting with my new partner and saw all of my other peeps too.  All in one day, how cool is that?

Dad did his assignments at the temple that night.

On Wednesday and Thursday I worked, both days I did tax prep stuff, getting ready for Grandpapa to go to the tax guy on Saturday.  He also spent the evening Wednesday working on getting his stuff ready for taxes.

Thursday after work I stopped at the Provo DI for a bit.  Grandpapa went up to Salt Lake to do dinner with his Dad, Great Grandpapa, as usual.

GPP also managed to get in three 5 K runs this week, despite being so tired.  One evening he came home and laid down 'for a minute'.  Emily brought Beckie up and laid her next to him and that startled him out of his sleep and somehow his hand jerked and snatched off the baby's sock.  Poor tired Grandpapa.

On Friday, I focused on finishing up my tax stuff, so that in the evening we were both sitting at the dining room table doing that.  It was also the 40th anniversary of my brother Wayne's death, so I was thinking about that as well.  I so look forward to the time when I will get to know him better.  He had such a good heart, but his disabilities made this life such a struggle for him.  When I think of him it makes me want to be kinder to people who struggle with personality disorders.

Saturday, GPP took off to run, but came back after a half hour and said "Oops, guess I can't do a long run today, I have to be at the tax accountants at 9:00.  Dad was very happy to find out that he got a $2500 rebate from the state  in the form of tax credits for buying a natural gas car.  Those are the kind of tidbits that make our accountant sooo worth it.

I left him with a list of projects 1. unstick this drawer, 2. put a back on this cupboard 3. Reattach the top to that cupboard.  He did every one of them.  He rocks!  

I took off for the day and met up with Robin for a 

Writer's conference in Provo.  It was a charity conference, as in all of these wonderful, published Utah authors were there, speaking, critiquing, doing Q and A, etc. and donating all the proceeds for the conference to charity.  We both had  a great time, and are all ready to write the next great American Novel!!  (Go US!!)

And here am I with Shannon and Dean Hale each signing their respective books.  They did a discussion on rewrites that will certainly be useful to me if and when I get down to writing that book.

From there we met with Heuers and Moes and GPP at Mi Ranchito in Orem (Sorry Ben, no one got a Tostada Grande ....)  Then it was off to see Xanadu at the Hale Center Theater also in Orem.

This morning I went to the High Counsel meeting with Dad to see him as he was set apart.  Then he was off to meetings with the ward he works with.  Then at one I met him at still another ward where he was to talk, and where he needed me to talk with him, as his scheduled speaking partner was in Texas....

No one told me that sustaining one's husband as a High Councilor meant speaking with him .... should have read the fine print before I 'signed on', eh?

 Then tonight we were pleasantly surprised to be invited to have dinner with the temporary bachelor, Trevor, and his kids.  Nell is visiting a friend in one of the Carolinas, I can never remember which.

Above is the position Eva was in when we got there, being the artist as always.

Scott was also the artist and did a Raffle for some of his art work.  That was fun.  I got a shamrock, and look what Spencer and Seth got.
 Yep its a heart, cut down the center with the words, Best and Friends.  Pretty creative J. Scott, and it was kind of lucky that Spencer and Seth won this prize, because after all that is what they are.

It was fun to get caught up with what S and S are doing.  Dinner was great, and we all had a great time .... GPP and I took off after the rest of them retired to watch the Jazz game ... I mean I did need to get home and blog, right?

The picture below shows Trevor putting Eva's bike helmet on  Eleanor.  I guess 'La La' has been enamoured of it all week.  Thanks again Trevor and all.  GPP and I had a great time.


  1. I am sure glad you do a blog so I feel like I know what it going on with you I am thinking about doing the same.....mmmm.....
    Cool that Scott is on the High Council. I was going to to ask him last night, if he still had the same calling but the play started and I didn't get back to it. Thanks for posting!

    1. Oh, I can't wait ... it would be like getting missionary letters from you too!!