Sunday, March 11, 2012

Grandmama and Grandpapa's 'More of the Same' Sort of Week.

 So its time for Captain Paula (AKA GMM) to record our week.

On Monday I got a call to go to a private sale at the storage unit of a popular antique dealer in SLC.  I borrowed the train conductors cap for a photo.  I also brought home lots of goodies and got to hang out with fellow flea.o.logists Cathie and Jennine.

Meanwhile Grandpapa was off working on the remodel at the Provo Fresh Market.

That night we joined forces and went to our Empty Nester's FHE at the Kews this time.

Tuesday GPP had more work at the Provo FM.  I stayed home and crafted and blogged, finishing three different blog entries.  I am doing one a day on my Pollyanna blog now, which takes some doing and so that is keeping me busy!

Wednesday and Thursday were convention days for GPP, and he spent the night at the Little America Hotel.  I worked those days, and then on Thursday night went to the Relief Society production that my friend Jenn wrote and produced for her stake in Orem.

On Friday I met Cathie and Jenn in Salt Lake and went to some estate sales.  It was pretty fun, and again, I came home with a load of goodies.  That night GPP and I went to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close at the dollar movies in Spanish.  I like it better than he did, as he only likes traditional happy endings.

Saturday I was off to work, so GPP worked on some projects, including installing a transom in the upstairs bedroom that hasn't had one since we have owned the house.  He also added doors to a small cupboard I want to resell, and fixed the garage 'people entry' door so that it latches easily and doesn't stick anymore.

We had an incredibly busy day at work, but I still managed to make it to the Spanish Dollar Movies again, in time to see 'We Bought a Zoo' with GPP and the Kews, and then we went to Winger's for a bite.
Which brings me to today.  This morning in Sacrament Meeting GPP was sustained as the second high counselor from our ward.

Then I subbed for Emily's Sunday School class and also her Young Women's class, which turned out to  be the entire Young Women's group, (about 10 people including 3 leaders) because the other teacher's son had reported his mission and she was home with extended family.

Our every other week dinner tonight, was missing a lot of people we love, like our Idahoans, of course, and also the Halls, Brady (who works Sunday nights), Davin, Bri, Elias, Darby, Ben and Sam.  Spencer and Seth came, though I don't have a picture of Seth to prove it.

   We had pulled pork sandwiches, and Nell brought a nice pasta salad.  After dinner, while Trevor cleaned up (Yeah Trevor) Emily brought out the cute sayings book and Dad read out of it for a while.
      He read gems like "Green light means you have to go, red light means you have to don't." -Trevor
and a funny one I had forgotten.  Becca came back in on a snowy Sunday all wet when she was 7.  Since we didn't allow play outside on Sunday, I was mildly rebuking her when she said, she wasn't playing she was doing service, building a snow man for the less active neighbors....   I loved it!!

 It was extra fun because Rui came. I think the Grandkids loved that best of all.  She played hide and seek with Eva for most of the after dinner time.

I love this picture to the right.  Elle pulled out the hair bands that were holding her pig tails in for a smart new hair style.  Isn't she just too cute?

Sam missed coming because his back is bothering him.  Please remember him in your prayers.  He never knows when a flair up will come, we are especially sorry because it meant missing him tonight.

Davin and Bri missed coming too, because she is not feeling well with her pregnancy this time.  Please remember her in your prayers as well.  Even though we had a lot of fun, those who were missing were mentioned and remembered and their presense was sorely missed.

Sometimes, I know, people think just because you have a big family, that some people can go missing without being missed.  I have not found this to be true .... just feeling a little sadder tonight missing some dear ones.
                   And last of all  here is a picture of Emily and Becca just being silly with Titan and Scott.


  1. Some hot children you got there, lady!

    1. Funny you should say that, my downstairs renter always says it is cold up hear, so not sure how my children could visit here and be hot?