Sunday, March 4, 2012

Family Time

We bought the pass of all passes back in November and we have been trying to make sure we get good use of the pass.

This past Thursday we went bowling up in Sandy. (just by the Sandy Maceys)


Titan loved it! he got the smallest ball they had 6lbs


I broke 100 on my second game! That is pretty good for me. Brady kicked my trash no surprise there.

We got some cute videos of Titan bowling but they are on Brady’s phone so maybe later.

The next day we went mini golfing at Trafalga in Orem and it was super busy. We were sneaky and walked up the back of the course and did the back nine without having to wait and there was no one behind us (for a few holes) so were didn’t slow anyone up. Love this pass cant wait for Seven Peaks this summer!

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  1. Did I tell you Sam got me a pass, too (Since it looks like we'll be here this summer). SO, now I have to get HIM one and it'll be party hardy at Seven Peaks all summer long!