Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Week That Left Us Exhausted!

The Week That Left the Grand Perkins Parents exhausted!  Yes this was that week.  A long one by all counts.  Monday Dad (who objects to being Grandpapa and wants to just be Dad) did inventories.  With 30 something new stores under his jurisdiction, there is a lot more of that.                                  
 I had a Relief Society Birthday Party planning meeting at Jill Wilson's.  That was fun.  I did some crafting that day, then that evening we had the Rodriguezes over for dinner.  They are one of Dad's home teaching families, and he rarely gets to teach a lesson, so we had dinner, inviting Sam
and Emily (Who teaches two of the boys in Sunday School) to join us.  The family home evening was great, then we played some card games with the family after Emily and Sam had to head 'home', as Emily had work to do.

On Tuesday Dad had more inventories to do.  I ran some errands, then did some crafting and some blogging in the evening while Dad did his regular shift at the temple. This set of birds sitting on sprinkler gages is my favorite craft of the week.  I think they are so fun and funky!
 Wednesday and Thursday were work days for me, and more inventory days for Dad.  When Dad went to take his Dad to dinner Thursday night, Kelly said Grandpa had been up all night and was finally sleeping, so they skipped their usual dinner. Dad came home and put the seats back in the van, as I would be needing them.  I, meanwhile, attended my book club where we talked about 'The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet', which we all loved.
On Friday morning I ran to Salt Lake and met my friends Cathie and Jeannine at an estate sale.  We shopped and visited and plotted and planned for flea.o.logy.  I headed south to pick up Kim for our upcoming weekend, but go caught in traffic, so Ashely brought Kim, and the cute munchkin to the right, to Nell's where we were meeting before taking off for Idaho to see the Hunger Games with Britt.      There were 9 of us that drove to Idaho, including, myself, Kim, Darby, Nell and her children, Emily and Becca.  The last two planned the excursion and we all managed to get off about 1:15.

We arrived at Britt and Mike's house around 7:30, and relaxed for a while.  Britt made us a great dinner, a taco bar and everyone loved it.  Then we kicked back and visited and watched movies.

Saturday morning the official 'baby whisperer' got reacquainted with his friend, Lu.  No one is really sure just what magic sway he holds over babies, we are just glad he has those skills!! Yeah Mike!   Britt make cocoa in her fancy cocoa maker every morning, and everyone loved that ... not Eva above.

                              Then it was off to the movie.

The movie was great, we all enjoyed it, and of course sharing the experience.  .... Then Sunday morning, we visited some more, cleaned up and packed ....

There was also one other special event to be experienced.  Darby's 33rd birthday needed  to be celebrated.

I loved this picture of her with Kim, so I just threw it in for good measure!

Here's the birthday girl with her official birthday cake!

Then it was time to say goodbye to our host family.  What a cute family, oh wait, maybe Lu should go home with her mom, even though she does look so comfy as a part of the Mitko family.

It was a long drive home, and when I dropped off my last fare, Kim, Ben's car was at her house.  I told her that is what she got for leaving her room for two days, Ben must have moved in and taken it over.  NOT.  He was just there cleaning up his motorcycle, as it is Spring!!  Then he took Kim for a drive, it was fun to see him!!  Seeing Ben brought my kid viewing count to 8 out of 10 (I saw Spencer when he came by earlier in the week to watch a Jazz game!!)  and my grand kid viewing count to 9 out of 11!!  Not a bad week score wise.  Yeah!
When I got home Dad said it had been a good weekend to be gone, as he was at inventories and church meetings for the majority of the weekend.  He attended 7 hours of church meetings today!!
Wow, what a week, no wonder I am tired.

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