Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pokemon Go from Coast to Coast.

What a week this has been ....
And for our family it started on the East Coast in Central Park in New York City!  Spencer and Brittney took a bike ride there  that morning.  Thankfully the near riot over a Pokemon sighting in the park had happened the previous week.   They may or may not have picked up a few Pokemon there themselves!!   

Then as the sun slowly  rose in the American west it spotted ...
This family of Pokemon Go  players parked in front of ...
The  Poke Stop that is our house, loading up on Poke balls on probably several phones. They were there for more than a half an hour ....
I headed to the antique mall where I moved everything from one booth, painted the booth white, then moved most of it back in .... In stifling heat!  Well at least it made the paint dry fast! 
I got home to find that Dad had built my laundry line end posts in the stifling heat of the garage!! 
My hero!! 
Back at the store early Tuesday, I finished most of the moving back in, leaving 3 baskets of goods to be replaced  after my event of the day ... 
Which was a tea party at my friend Kimi's with my art group and others. 
Kim was ready to take down her patriotic decor after the 24th and arranged the tea so we could see it all!! 
Here we are, excepting Jan who took the photo. 
In view of the fun that is art group I thought I'd share this quote from an IG post.   

After another hour at the mall finishing up I picked up my book club book at the library and read until Dad got home from the temple. 
On Wednesday we got up at 4:00 to fly to the west coast to Los Angeles for our appointment at the Finnish Consulate at 10 A.M.   This building was across from the consulate ... When I spotted that sculpture of a dandelion, I guessed that it would be .... 
A Poke Stop .... 
Here's Dad in the office ... 
This elder had to have his passport picture retaken because of the shadow .... He looks so different!! 
Here we are with the 6 MTC missionaries with whom we flew over. 
We ate at the cafe where this historic Mural was found ... 
Of course it too was a Poke Stop ... The hearts indicate that a lure's been set off there to attract more Pokemon.... 
.... Like this one!  Let's say I had a fruitful afternoon. 
Thursday morning Ginny brought these grands along on a Pokemon search ...
Later that day the stake President posted a Pokestop he'd visited that day!!  It's the Grandin Print Shop in Palmyra, NY where the Book of Mormon  was first printed. 
I spent the day at work ... Buying this set of I dishes from a picker. They are called Denmark and are made in England. You may recall that the two years we lived in Salt  Lake that we had Engish made dishes that looked a lot like them, but were named Finlandia ... Both are based on the hand painted patterns of Royal Copenhagen, a company that started with such patterns in 1775!! Love!    

That night I was off to book club. The flight to LA gave me the time I needed to finish reading the book. Yeah!! 
Loved this picture of our Beki who is anxiously awaiting her grandpa's arrival to drive her to Utah.  
How cute is Abbie? 
On Friday we drove to Rick's in St Geirge to celebrate his 60 th birthday!  
He really enjoyed the gag gifts!! 
So did his granddaughter Aleah, shown here with her aunt Katie.  
On Saturday Darby was able to start riding Dallas again!  Between four vet clinics they've found the problem and started treating him. He has lots of muscle mass and weight to gain. Riding helps with the muscle mass 
As it turns out his jaw issue is a cow disease that is highly resistant  to antibiotics ... There are now nine documented occurrences  in horses world wide.   But Darby, despite her thinner wallet, is euphoric. 
On Saturday we were up early to attend Don Sevy's funeral. Even Aunt Julie may recognize that name. He lived on Imperial street with his young family at the time we moved to Bountiful. His then young son Clark, became became Dad's bestfriend  after the Sevys moved to Cottonwood  when Clark was 10. 

Sadly Clark's wife Margaret died Friday night ... It made the funeral unbelievable sad for me!  I started crying when Clark walked into the chapel ...

Don Sevy spent a lot of his life as a scout leader, including to Emory ... Which was discovered when the Clark Sevys and Emory's family lived in the same ward years ago.  What a good man Don is. I know Dad idealized their family life growing up and wanted a family like that. What a good man.   

After the funeral we had lunch at La Cocina again, then 
we drove by the new house that sits on the lot where Dad's family home sat, it really is nice and looks good on the wooded lot!    

We had a couple of hours to kill and hit a couple of SLC DIs. 
Then we headed to Grantsville for Jerry and Amy Mason's daughter, EmmaLee's wedding reception. 
Here's Dad with the bride and groom. 
Jack Mason was there doing photography and invited us to their ward in a couple of weeks for a threefer. Their daughter and son have just returned from missions and another son is leaving. We love it!!  (Prayers for Jack who is suffering with cancer/treatments would be appreciated)    

Today we had a wonderful set of church meetings!  The spirit was very strong. I said the opening prayer and prayed for our ward family. One young man who has difficulty reading at age 15 read his talk, the second councilor stood by him and helped.  As he talked about helping a neighbor with his extensive animal collection, mostly birds, I turned to see the neighbor he's mentioned with tears in his eyes. I feel such warmth and love in this extended ward family.   

After church Dad and I read in Preach My Gospel before getting food ready for our family get together at Darby's. 
Dad and I were a little early so I took Harley for a walk by the nearby ponds hoping for some water Pokemon. Not to be, but there were a lot of horse Pokemon there on Black Horse drive. Enough so that I was able to use them to evolve one to a higher form adding a new Pokemon  to my collection!!  
When I got back there were a houseful of people I love.  
How cute is this boy!  
I love the matching seating positions!! 
Here Maddie plays on Darby's friend's phone. So cute!! 
Ben and I both played Pokemon Go there and found an unusual number of them, even in the house!! 

Last of all Dad and I caught the end of the concert in the park. 
Joe Weight caught me gathering Pokemon there, as I sat between two poke stops that had both had lures set off, alternately gathering Pokemon and stocking  up on Poke balls!  His family and the Andersons were there, it was fun to catch up!! 

While walking back to our car our stake mission prep teacher and his wife stopped to tease us for playing Pokemon Go, which they were also playing. They shared some tips too!! (I'm level 10, they are 19 and 20. 

So that was our busy week. Long sigh .... 

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  1. Loved this post!! So much going on! I love the new dish set!! Sorry that Clark lost his wife and Dad so close together. Glad Farby's horse is finally healing. Glad you went to Mason's! We wanted to go! We sent a card instead! Love that you enjoying Pokemongo!!