Sunday, July 17, 2016

Eating Everywhere but Home.

Monday was joint exam day ...

And Don Allen's funeral, this is Dad with two of the Peterson boys and Earl Dorius  
Don was an auction lover and left a garage full of misc goodies. I've never been to a funeral where they gave out favors before. 
Then we had lunch at La Cocina, grandpa Carlo's most recent favorite Mexican  place. 
That night it was FHE
At the Wings, Lynn and Brent. 
On Tuesday I did a blog post of all my friends that have she sheds. 

I also ran out and deposited my checks and went shopping for Eva's birthday. 

Dad, of course had the temple in the evening. 
On Wednesday I got caught up reading my latest Austen knock off, but did some laundry and ironing. 

When Dad got home we switched out the parlor riug for this larger old one. 
Thursday morning I walked with Gunny for the third time in a week, I'm trying to build up my stamina again, though we only walk a mile a day. Loved these zinnias  

Then it was iff to work. 
That night Elias took some tests and graduated from his on line preschool class. Good job, old man!! 

Friday morning I got to skype with this cutie.  She asked me to give her another house tour and complimented me on various items. She was pretty unhappy with me when I told her I needed to go to work. So Emily let her skype with Dad. How fun is that?  
I worked with Greychen that day,  which is pretty rare, but fun. 
My neighbor came by the shop and picked up the fence sections that he'll be welding to make our balcony railing!!  Yeah. 
After worked Dad and I dropped off Eva's birthday gift and got to see her blow out the candles!! 
She loved the outfits we got for her dolls. 
Here Grandma Tami was there and we got to visit for a minute. It'll fun having them here. She was singing Becca's praises as a realtor. She said that Becca kind of made her hate her realtor in Ariziba that had sold their house, because she had no idea how helpful a realtor could be. 
Then it was off to the ward camp out. 
That night Mark Evans gave us a tour of the stars with a lazer  pointer which was awesome! 
Grant Echols did the Dutch ovens for breakfast, which was amazing. 
Here we see Sarah Johns and the bishop and his wife enjoying his talents. 
Next we ran over to Price to check out the Fresh Market there as they started their first weekend Farmers Market. 
This retired farmer brought his tractor, he's a part time bagger  at the store normally!! 
We were pretty bushed when we got home. 
But took off for Salt Lake around 5.  Here's Dad in front of Spencer and Britney's apartment building. 
Ever thing was nicely laid out and snug. 
They'd made Gyros and eggplant, it was pretty yummy. 
Then we went out playing pokemongo. This fountain at Holy Cross Hosputal is a Pikemongo station... This is the hospital where both Emilt and Becca were born. 
Meanwhile, Scott had completed his fifty mile bike ride to finish up his eagle!  Yeah Scott!! 

Then Sunday morning we were off to church. I taught Relief Society, but Dad left early to go to Katie Cooper's  missionary farewell in West Mountain. She's one of 3 or 4 local sisters heading to Finland!!  

At 6 the family gathered for Family Dinner. 
And to celebrate Eva and Spencer's birthdays.  
We found out our house is a Pikemongo stop too!!  That was fun. 

These funny kids wanted to show off their ice cream faces!! 
How sweet is this boy?  

Well that does it for our week. We hope yours was faithfilled, full and fun!   

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