Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Perkins Second Annual Reunion.

Here are some fun pictures taken at the second annual fourth of July family sleepover. Becca hosted this year since Trevor was not only getting his house on the market, he'd also taken his scout troop camping for the week!! 
Dad and I arrived just in time for dinner.  Adi and Reagan. 
Becca and Darby. 
Hannah and Ben. 
Next we all lined up to divide into teams for kick ball. 
Becca winds up to pitch with Reagan on her hip as Darby, Elias and Andy look on. 
A little canoodling in the out field with Hannah and Ben. 
Davin climbs a tree to retrieve the ball. 
Darby helps Madison kick! 
Next we got  some disk golf instruction. 
Elias, McKenna, Eleanor, Ashley, Titan, Me and Eva.  Eva loved it and Ashley gave her a disk to get started!! 
Titan posed with the piƱata on his head 
Nell and Penny swing in the hammock.

Titan and Eleanor take a ride while Elias checks out the 'Toyota'
Reagan takes the first smack or two,  all the kids got a turn, Eva's single whack took it down!! 
There were lots of goodies for all the kids! 
Eleanor, Hannah  and Ben making s'mores.
Then it's time for fireworks ... Eleanor, Titan  and Eva. 
Hannah holds Adi. 

Our 'camp' on Saturday morning 
Nell and Briahnna went off to help Nell's folks unload their pods at their new house for the morning 
Then it was time to play baseball, Brittney helps McKenna put on her mit. 

I sneak off with Ben and Hannah for some garage sales!! 
Becca spends much of the morning star braiding 5 girls heads. This is Eva. 
Eva, Eleanor, Adi, Reagan and McKenna.  
McKenna loves babies, so she's holding Madison. 
Next we had a treasure hunt, girls against boys!  Boys win ... 
Reading clues 
Then there's the obstacle course, which the boys also won, but by cheating!! 
Here comes Elias out of the rough!! 
Fortunately the girls forgave the guys for winning so much!  
Then Trevor got back after 5 days away. 
And Scott shows what happens whenever you run down a hill in sandels. Ouch 
The kids loved the hammock 
Time to clean up camp!! 
Then we let the water games begin!! This is Eva 
Silencer shorting off water balloons with a giant sling shot! 
Getting dry! 
Then lunch and game time!!  Darby, Davin and Brady. 
Brittney and Spencer ... 
And we even thought of Emily and Sam!  It was thumbs up for another great teunion. Then Nell suggested we all pitch in and clean up!    Great idea. Thanks Becca and Brady for hosting such a well organized and fun event!! 

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