Sunday, July 10, 2016

Party Central

Yep, it was that!  Another week of fun and games and work too. 
Scott was home for the fourth and we went to work on the garage ... We moved in the great Eastlake desk ...  
This is the original mailing label, from 1880 .... Still on the bottom ... 
We pretty much worked in the garage all day, this picture shows why ...  We did break for lunch at ...

And then headed to American Fork to join Jeff and Robin at her folks place for a Fouth of July dinner... 
It was great fun, but we were beat, so we excused ourselves from fireworks at their house later and went home to collapse. 

It was a long day for Lily too, how sweet is this picture if her with her uncle Jake!! 
This is the actor that we saw last week in 'He Knew He Was Right', that I thought looks like Jeff, at least like Jeff when we first knew him. 
On Tuesfay I did this study of round and rusty and red, white and blue, for IG.   I also went to the Temple in SLC with Arlene, did some junking and picked up an item I'd  bought on line.  

In the evening when Scott was at the temple I spent some time cramming for my Finnsh lesson the next day ...    

On Wednesday I had my final eye exam concerning my side sparks, which I rarely have anymore. Then I stopped at a junk store on the way home.   That afternoon I had my Finnish lesson. 

This lady is my hero. She is President Rawlings wife, he served as the mission president before the current president. Adam, my Finnish tutor, told me how hard she worked to learn Finnish and what a good job she did. (I'd asked him if senior missionary wives ever really learn)   

I worked  Thursday then met up with Dad at Davin and Bri's for Adi's birthday party. 
Ben entertained McKenna with magic!! 
Here Adi opens gifts. 
She was so cute about loving every gift and thanking each gift giver very sincerely. What a sweet girl!  
Mr Napkinhead was there with his sidekick Miss Napkinhead... 

Then it was cake time!! 
And last of all swim time!! 
Nenna and papa. 
Grandma and Penny. 
Darby and Dad. 
Pat a cake ... 
Ben with Kenna. 
A Perkins People Pile!    We went home and rested wonderfully as one does after swimming. 
And the Utah branch weren't the only ones having fun in the pool this week.  Kai had a big swim meet and by all accounts did very well.  If Britt wants to text me particulars on his awarding behavior I'll be sure to add it.

On Friday I was off early to do some junking with Lyn shown on the right .... We ran into Jenn, my former Fleaology partner at an estate sale.  

Lyn and I both had on red shoes ... I told her we should start the red shoe society for senior women who keep active!!   She's headed to Mexico with a friend in the fall, and then to Iceland  in Jamuary to see the northern lights!  She's 68 and does so much!! 
We stopped for lunch at the Cafe Rio by the Trader Joes near downtown and look who we ran into!!  Trina laughed when she saw me. She was with her in-laws and she said when they chose Cafe Rio she thought, well the last time I ate there was for Paula's birthday ... And then there I was!!  She has such cute kidos. 
At DI we saw this craftsman style organ, I've never seen one before, who knew!! 
Then at Vine Street Antiques we ran into Jenn again and Cathie was working. It's the first time the three of us have been together in one place in almost four years!! I'm just glad I didn't alienate these good friends when our business partnership failed. It felt good to be together for a minute.  We share so many happy memories. 
I had to take a picture if Lyn's cute shed when I dropped her off!  
That night we met up with Heuers, Moes and another dozen people to see Tarzan after dinner at a Hawaiin place. Our selfie high lights Kylie, who is evidently still number one, and also shows Brandon. 
If you look hard you can see Randy, Barb, Jeff and Robin, me and Dad. 

Early Saturday Dad and I hauled out stuff from the garage for 2 hours ... Lyn was one of the first at our yard sale and scored our antique trunk or treating trunk for $30!  
This guy came with his wife and bought lots of funky stuff. Dad and I both thought he looked like Sam, well Sam in twenty years! 
President Chesnut and his wife and grands stopped by, so we were able to catch up with them. 

Then Nell and I ran over to the Garden Shoppe to measure for booths at the Labor Day Fleaology, then I ran to Highland for Tia's (Ryan Moes'  fiance) Wedding Shower at Gearhearts. 
It was a super fun shower! 
Here I am with Robin and Terri. 
That night we went to dinner with a slightly varied Moe and Heuer contingent. There were 16 of us this time.   Eric took the giant nacho challenge. 
We had a private dining room at the Los Hermonos in Lindon. 
That's when we found out that Brittany Gearheart (shown here) and our son Spencer had attended a Jazz expo game this week and were on the Kiss Cam!!  


Whoa!!  Of course Spencer was kissing his wife Brittney and Brittany was kissing her boyfriend Danny!!  Small world!!    

After dinner we headed to Gearhearts to watch 'Now You See Me' in their theater room ... Even though it was action packed I have to say I may or may not have dozed off!! 

Today we were off to church!! It was a well spent 3 hours. I think me Finnish study is keeping me closer to the Lord, because I felt the spirit intensely all day and had the 'love' effect i feel when I'm closest to the Lord... It's like I love and feel extreme compassion for everyone I see. Like I want to hug them all and solve all their problems!  Even people who I may not have the best history with.  It feels incredible.   

The new guy in the ward that said the opening prayer had a complete arm sleeve style tattoo, and my heart just melted, I felt such gratitude that he was there. Then the priests were on their cell phones and half way through the sacrament hymn the bishop sent his counselor over to get them started preparing the sacrament. I felt such a strong desire go and hug the embarrassed young men and then prayed for them to feel the love of the congregation for the rest of the meeting.   

It made for a glorious day for me. 

After church three ladies came over for an impromptu tour of the house while Dad went to choir practice. 
After dinner we high tailed it for the park 
And got to see the Payson Choral and the band performing!! 

So that was our fun and work filled week!  Hope yours was amazing too we love be you all!! 

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  1. I just can't get over how much you have packed into one week! And It's an every week thing! I love living your life vicariously! So excited to experience your mission vicariously! Thanks so much for fitting in the shower and TWO date nights in one weekend! Woot! Proud of you for studying finnish. I think I am going to get going on italian now even though we won't be going for 13 years!