Sunday, July 3, 2016

Celebrating the Fourth (before the fourth)

Another week has gone down in history taking many fun memories, like my first Skyped Finnish lesson with Adam on Monday ... Dad ran out of gas on his way home from work causing him to miss his session that night.   He did, however have a makeup session at 6:00 A.M. on Wednesday (yawn) 
On Tuesday I had art group at Jann's, Shirley taught the group. 
We made junk Art Uncle Sams  ... 
I also made the rusted screen crown that Kim models here. 
Jann got the exterior of her She Shed done, how fun is that?? 

Dad had the temple that evening, so I started reading a new Nicholas Sparks book I'd found at DI.  While reading, a storm blew and threw so many branches at the house that the sound on the roof unnerved me and I went  down to my old bedroom to read in peace 
On Wednesday I worked on hauling stuff out of the basement. I got most of a bin ready for Nell's distribution at Treasures, while I'm gone. (yes, she's my hero) 
As well as putting out my Fourth of July decor.  When Dad got home he drafted me ... 
andI gathered branches from the storm while he used the chop saw to cut them in lengths that would fit the garbage cans. 

I worked on Thursday ... And Dad and I started another Anthony Trollope BBC movie that night. 
Trevor and Scott, meanwhile were having great fun at scout camp at Bear Lake. 
On Friday afternoon we gathered at Becca's for our reunion. (I want my mommy). 
Back with mom! (happier now) 
Here we line up to split teams for kick ball.  
Pitching with a 3 year old on her hip!  
Ben kicks it over the fence with loaded bases and almost tags Darby at home plate. 
There was disc golf too.  (taught by Ashley, Eva's a huge fan) 
And a piƱata. 
With only six kids to share the goodies there was probably too much candy!! (But the kids were happy.)
Yeah say the Texas cousins. Our next big family get together will include them!!  (Emily posted these super heroes,  'wonder Barbie and super stunt man!)

Then it was time for fireworks. 
Ashley and Andy were off to a tournament but the rest of us slept in tents in Becca's huge back yard. 
Spencer and Brittney joined us the next morning. 
There were water games ... 
And taking down camp in the morning...
Then after lunch Ben and Hannah were in charge of games .  (This one made us think of the Texans in the family.)

On Sunday we heard that Andy and Ashleyhad taken third place (Andy in men's) and first place in their tournaments!  Way to go!! 
Sunday was great. We loved fast and testimony meeting. There are so many good and humble people in our ward.   Then after a nap (3 hours for me and an hour for Dad) it was dinner and the band concert!  
Yep it was a good week, says the master of the house!! (We love you all) 

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