Monday, November 30, 2015

Over the River and Through the Woods ...

Such a busy family week! 
I had so much to do for Festival of Trees, but got called into work when another employee got sick in Monday.  I did manage to do this banner for our tree while at work though. 
On Tuesday I had my art group again. We had fun working on Christmas smash books and chatting.  The page above was done by Jann. 
This is one of the ones I did ... Afterwards, because I knew Dad was at the temple I stopped at the scrapbook supply outlet in Orem, before getting home in time to fix Cheryl's dinner 
I worked again Wednesday, and finished up the banners for the tree. Dad came and got me when we closed and we headed to Idaho, picking up passengers on the way. 
The trip through snowy conditions was harrowing. The wipers iced up and when we tried to de-ice them the drivers' side wiper broke. We stopped and got some pliers and a new blade. 

Meanwhile, Trevor and Nell's family was at the Norman Rockwell exhibit at BYU. Moes and friends were there too, and I am just glad the exhibit goes into February. 

  Alas we finally arrived safely at Britt's at 3:30 AM.  Our 6 hour drive had taken 9 1/2 hours. 
Britt, who had waited up for us, was back up at 6:00 to start the turkey!  She and Kai had moved dining furniture and stuff for the table to their new house, after the loan funded Wednesday. They'd closed on Tuesday. 
As always, Brittany had lots of food with all the traditional sides, plus some gourmet choices!  Spencer carved the turkey. 
This is Dad's plate!  Then we sat around on the floor and visited ... 

It was long before we were all snoozing... 
Then we took the kind da back to Britt's other house before the adults headed to the final Hunger Games movie!!  Which we all liked 
On Friday we all went shopping at the charming Village shopping development there in Bouse. I love this picture of Titan admiring the tree at Anthropolgie. 
Dad wasn't feeling great, and Becca was 'done' chasing kids in spendy  stores, so they went home, while the rest of us did more browsing. 

While at one store Charly found this Mary Engelbreit book and I snapped and posted this on Instagram, and Mary Engelbreit commented almost immediately. Woot Woot! 

Back at Britts we watched movies and had take out pizza!  
On Saturday we were off to a breakfast with Santa and a Festival of Trees. Regan was not a fan of Santa, but we all had fun anyway. 
Maddy wasn't too impressed either! 
But we all had fun and supported the local meals on wheels with our donations and purchases. And ... 

On the way out the kids got to pet Prancer!  
Loved this pic of Spencer and Brittney at the event!   

Back at the house we watched more movies, chatted, did home work, did Realestate  work etc.  Then Spencer, Brittney, Becca and her kids left to spend their last night at Britt's new house. 

This morning Brittany made a huge breakfast, we said goodbyes and headed to church.  Afterwards it was Utah bound.    
We had a rock flip up on the freeway and shattered a window. We stabilized it's with scotch tape first, then stopped 20 miles down the road for duct tape. It pretty much stayed together, which was a blessing. I 
On Facebook on the way home we saw this cute post about Elias .... 
And this one about Zach getting a tree in his bedroom, to quote Zach, "Best Day Ever!" And may I add for Dad and me "best week ever". Thanks Brittany! 

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  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend--except for the drive!!!! I didn't Britt was buying a new house. Want more pictures of the house!