Sunday, November 8, 2015

Buying and Selling (And Building too)

What a week ... Whew!  It started with Dad and me heading south. I dropped him at the Lynn's in Cedar City where he met up with a couple of other guys from the office.   Dum dum de dum ... Store Tours episode 1    Which is a follow up on their fall walk, where they show managers what they need to change. Store tours checks for implimentation.   

I went with him to do my own version of store tours, DI stores that is. The cute haunted house and Halloween people are a few of the things I bought over two days for almost $150 in total purchases!! Think inventory! 

That night we met up at the hotel ...
and went to dinner. Afterwards we checked out Tai Pan Trading. 
The next morning he was off to Overton Nevada  with the guys and I was back at the St George DI!  I took a break to check out the antique stores downtown. 
I loved this cute store: Annie's Vintage Garden! 

This sign made me giggle.  Around 2:00 I headed over to the Lynn's in St George.
To pick up Dad!  I guess this is your conference table if you're a grocer!!   We headed home so we could vote before the polls closed. 

Of course we watched us some Downton   before bed! 

On Wednesday Gordon brought his construction trailer and parked it!  Yeah! Step one!  

I was off to work, doing projects for the coming show and gathering stock.

Dad visited 3 stores that day and came home to work on wiring in the attic. 

At work on Thursday I painted this cupboard. It had been a dark navy and hadn't sold. I love the red and may not sell it after all. 
After I got home I gathered more stuff for the sale 
I put some globes on new stands. 
And spray painted the ball for this globe craft!  It was finished up Friday. 

Dad went to Price and Richfield in preparation for upcoming frozen resets that day.

Friday morning I finished up some projects, like the little globe and painting a few things. I stripped off old fabric and reupholstered a chair with an old burlap coffee bag. 

Dad went to Price again that day then hit the Spanish Fork and Provo stores. 

About 3 I met Dad at the Rec Center in PG to do set up.   He got the stuff hauled in, while I sorted and arranged. Then he went off to welcome Ryan home from his mission in Japan at Moes while I finished set up, got things priced and made a list of price signs to make at home that night. And I'm not gonna lie, I did some pre shopping too.  
Meanwhile Gordon was framing!  
And framing. 
Friday morning I was off to the show. Margo loved this map I got from Wendy!  
This lady bought the chair I'd upholstered the day before. One less thing in the garage!!
This gal bought my Abraham Lincoln quote I'd made from game letters ( I'm a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I did not have the heart to let him down) 
This mother and daughter bought vintage 40's wrist watches!! 
The show was terribly busy!  And tons of fun. 
Meanwhile, Dad was at home building the beds and wall for our Peter Pan Festival of Trees display. This will be the Darling children's nursery !  
He finished up in time to head to Titan's birthday party for some fun of his own! 
Adi and Elias came, as did Eva and Lu. 
and here's our Zach!
Happy big 5 Titan, the last of our cousin triplets to turn!! 
Back at the show I was catching up with friends all day!  It's one of the best parts of a sale for me! 
But all good things must come to an end. Dad came and helped me load out and we finished in an hour. Then we spent a half hour helping load friends.  Last of all  we had dinner at a Mexican place on main in PG. before ... 
meeting up with Moes and Heuers  (including the two newly returned missionaries Jake (Canada) and Ryan.) to see this silly musical!! 
Today we were off to our respective church meetings. Afterwards it was fun to have Brittney and Spencer come up to visit!  
Then it was time to head to Trevor's house to have breakfast for dinner. 

It was great to see everyone, as always. 

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  1. You are so creative and talented! Glad the show went well.