Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fixing Broken Dad, Ouch!

It seems that a month has passed since I  collected pictures and shared my thoughts. Perhaps it's all the time spent with my dear Husband that has stretched the time. It started with my walk with Lavern in Genola in Monday,  such beautiful farm country.  
I just wanted to share Nell's cute picture of Penny, so I can save it. How adorable!  
I worked on putting away the remnants of Halloween decor and did the Autumn mantel in the dining room that day. 
In the midst of it all Gordon brought piles of sheet rock to hoist into the attic. 
I also did this fall display on the dining room table.  That night Dad and I watched Downton Abbey. 
On Tuesday I drove to Salt Lake for some junking .... See, they do have everything at DI, including the kitchen sink. Then....
I met up with Arlene at the temple. Not this temple, but I love this new temple in Tijauna, so I thought I'd share it. We actually attended the Jordon River temple, then went for some Zupas goodness afterwards. 
On Wednesday Gordon and Trudy came to work on sheet rock early ... 
Darby came too because she was to spend her day toting Dad around for his rotator cuff surgery!  I was off too work and worry at Treasures. 
So while dad was waiting and waiting (He was scheduled for 12 but didn't have his surgery until 4)
I switched out the big display at the south building for Christmas. 
After work, he still wasn't home. My texts had gone unanswered all day. I finally called the number Dad had given me for Darb when I redid my directory, last week and the number was out of service. 

A call to Becca for Darbys real number and I found out Darby had just heard from the hospital and she was heading up to get him. Such a relief.  Here he is hale and hardy, post surgery, before the nerve block expired. 
Here's a collage I did of my day. It was Veterans Day, and I posted the photo of my Dad in uniform on line. 

That night Dad was unable to sleep at all. 

I made him some breakfast before heading to work on Thursday.  He watched, according to him, about 10 episodes of flip or flop before he switched to the Hallmark channel's Christmas Romances!  I finished off my day with him watching them until 2:00 AM. He was hurting so bad  sleeping was sporadic and short lived. 

On Friday I stayed home all day nursing my boy!  Still in lots of pain, trying to get comfy.   

That night we were off to make root beer for the wards fall festival. It was Dads first time out!! 

Afterwards, we came home and had a nice visit from some of our favorite homies.

On Saturday I ran into work as Thursday had ended without the Christmas display being completed. I also needed to get more of the show stuff out of the van, and was meeting a customer/ friend there on a consult. 

When I got home Trevor and Scott were finishing up the leaf patrol for the day!! Thanks men! 
Today we were off to Highland  to welcome home Ryan and Jake!  Becca came too!  It's always fun I meet up with our grands! 

We figured out that it was 21years ago this month that we were in Hawaii with Moes and Heuers and they both brought home Hawaiin souvenirs that were  born 9 months later. Now 21 years later we welcome these wonderful 'Saturday's Warriers' again. 
Here's a mix of missionaries. The Four on the left were in Canada while the one on the right went to Japan. 
Here's Dad with Jerry Mason, who was one of his counselors when he was bishop!  It looks like Amy is picking his pocket here, but she actually just straightened his tie!  
And this is Dad with Ryan (Japan) and Jake (Canada). The Moes will move out of this house soon. It's hard to believe. We look forward to years of good times in their new house, though.

Now we are off to dinner with Trevor and Nell!! Happy Sunday all. We hope your week was amazing. 

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  1. Got to see you lots this week! Scott looked a little less in pain today! Thanks for coming! Thanks for the pies and the root beer! We love you!!!!! The picture of Penny is ADORABLE! I love your attic master bedroom and I am proud of you for living your dream!