Sunday, November 22, 2015

Broken Man Discovers Hallmark Has Just One Plot

Another week has gone by, and Dad is feeling much better. He's getting more sleep, and managed 3 half days at work this week, plus his Temple shift and some recreational activities, and at least 57 Hallmark movies 

On Monday I ran Dad into Provo to get his prescription for pain meds refilled.  Then we picked up the prescription in Spanish and did some needed shopping before hosting the Family home Evening at the care center that night. 
On Tuesday I met up with these girls to make banners for Christmas in Alpine. 
We spent the better part of the day, and this is how mine turned out. 
On Wednesday I worked as usual, while Dad had his Doctor's appointment. 
Bekie also had a doctor appointment that day. It was her final appointment after the periodic appointments she had since the illness that hospitalized her last year!  Yeah Bekie! 
That night as we watched more Hallmark movies, I dressed this antique doll, as one more project for the store, in my effort to get things from the house to the store in prep for our mission. 
On Thursday as I worked I finished up this Christmas display in the North store. 
After work Dad had a Bishopric Training and dinner that lasted until ten. I had book club until ten. At book club we had food based on the book including matzo ball soup and Pfeffernusse cookies, which are similar to ginger snaps and are made with pepper. 
Here's everyone but me!! The book was The Nazi Officer's Wife. 
On Friday I went to Becca's to babysit for 2 hours. Titan was at preschool so I just had the girls. 
We watched lots and lots of Peppa Pig. She and I have the same initials. 
Then we all went to Zupas for lunch before I headed to DI and the Paper outlet in Orem. 

That night we met the Kews in Provo to see The Martian.   Steve had read the book and it was fun to hear some of that as well.  We went to Gloria's for Italian afterward. 
On Saturday I was off to work again, while Dad met up with these guys at BYUs final home game!  All winners this year! 
Kim posted this cute selfie that day, so I borrowed it to share!  It's hard to believe my oldest granddaughter will be 17 next month!! 

We watched yet more Hallmark channel after work and the game. 

Today we had church as usual, then a nap and tithing settlement. We love the new ward, and the bishop is great! 
Tonight we gathered at Becca's for dinner. Dad and I brought Kenna's gift for her second birthday. It's hard to believe she's two. Here she is with the Lalaloopsie  doll and book we got her. 
Here's a classic old doll new doll picture. 
And an impromptu Christmas tree. Note the halo on the angel on top. 
Loved our babies in Red! 
Here are some of our girls. 
Hannah did some baby time too. 
I love the footwear fun this family shares! 
All my boys! 
And the most adorable Grinch Ever!!  Thanks for a great Family Dinner Becca and Brady. 


  1. The plot line for every Hallmark Christmas movie? Boy/ girl has loser girlfriend/ boy friend. He/ she meets perfect girlfriend/ boyfriend. Take rest of movie for he/ she to discover what everyone watching already knows. Discover new love on Cheistmas eve and live happily everafter.

    1. Best comment ever, dad. But we all know that it won't stop you from watching them!!