Sunday, December 6, 2015

All Festival of Trees All Week

What a wonderful and busy week. It all started at set up for Festival of Trees on Monday where we were told we could not put up the walls Dad had built for the Darlings' Nursery!  Yikes!  They allowed the window, but only after we cut the frame by 18 inches, as seen above! 
 It took this group 6 hours to set it all up. Then we went to a late lunch. 
Here is the final tree and display for 'The Darlings' Christmas' 
This was everyone's favorite ornament! 

Later Ben called to say he'd made curry and offered to share!   Yeah, I stopped on the way home and picked up dinner, which was super yummy, by the way! 

On Tuesday I was off to Alpine again to work on more Christmas Smash Book pages with my crafting group. 
On the way home I stopped at Zach's birthday celebration.  Becca and her family were there too.   Dad had to miss the fun as it was his temple day 
Here are Andy and Ashley with my youngest grand child and ... 
Andy's Dad, Mike, and Ashley with my oldest grand child! 
On Wednesday Santa Claus came in to sign up for a booth at the mall. He's a fellow Paysonite, who knew!!
Becca and her family went to see my tree, and others, that day!  Titan's favorite tree was a Disney Tree, what the heck?!?! 

Dad got home a bit early and set up our Christmas tree!  My Hero!  Then that night we got in a couple more Hallmark movies!!  Yep it's the holiday season! So woopty do ... 
On Thursday I worked on this banner for my snowman mantel while at work! 
Davin and Bri got into the spirit by going  to see the tree that day, and we just missed them... Fortunately we actually passed them leaving as we came into the parking lot, because Davin told us to roll down our window and handed us tickets as he drove by, sort of like in a movie!    

We really appreciated that when we got inside, since the line to buy tickets was hugely long!   Thanks you guys. 
We headed right for Tami Heuer's Quilt. Isn't it a beauty!? 
This card shows the buyer of our tree!  There must have been some real bidding action, because the bidding started at $500 and it sold for $950. All for such a good cause! 
On Friday I got the window replaced in the van ... Then came home to dig into the Christmas decor!  
When Dad got home we headed to the 'attic turning garret' and started painting ...
I also painted the foot board we'll be using for a headboard. See the perfect fit? 
Saturday morning I was up early, painting in the garret again.  Dad got dressed up and headed to the ward for breakfast in Jerusalem!! I headed over a bit later. 
Everything was super well done! 
Here I am with our garret contractors the Pecks, who are becoming good friends!! 
Here's the Kews, Ginny and Dana! 
Dad is stage center as he narrates the the final bit of the program!!  Then he was off to an inventory and I headed home for ... 
More painting in the garret, this time with Trudy!  Together we finished off two gallons!!  
And I got this cutie by text!  Love her!! 
Then there were boxes and bins 
To be hauled up, emptied and 
Worked into displays!!  
Brady and Becca came down that night bringing flooring samples for the garret. That was easy!! Thanks you guys. 
That night Nell and Trevor went to the Festival of trees and took this fun selfie!!  

Today we had our meetings as usual, with some blogging in the afternoon for me, while Dad was off to another inventory!  
Then we met up at Darby's for family dinner!!   Eva got the darling coat her Aunt Brittany found for her last week !  And there was a quarter in the pocket!  Happy her!! 

Lots of regular family fun... And most of us watched some Back to the Future, well, except Uncle Ben!! 

So that was our Festival of Trees week!  

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  1. I am reading this a week late but so glad I didn't let it pass! I love the "Darling" tree!!! What a cute idea and way to go with the flow when you had to change the plan for the walls! It looked very cute and made a good hunk of change for the Children! I love the picture you took of You and Scott with Tamila's quilt. You are guys are so funny! So, explain to me how it is that Scott can paint, having just had surgery on his arm? Was the surgery on his left or right? I assume his left because that would be his throwing arm but he was painting with his left in the picture! Eva's coat is adorable! I want to watch Christmas movies with you!!!