Monday, December 14, 2015

Party Central

What a fun week!  On Monday I went junking with Jo and Joanne!! We went to NPS a freight damage store that Jann loves and calls Trainwreck! 
Then we checked out the Sweets Candy outlet, also on the west side of SLC ... This is Jann and me. 

It was tons of fun, but I did have to get home to finish cleaning up for our FHE Group at our house that night. 
Tuesday morning I was up at 4 to finish cleaning and decorating for my Book Club's luncheon. 
Here are the ladies! 
I worked on Wednesday and then afterwards I went to Wendy's to get some bubble lights I'd bought from her on line!  How cute is her wreath!! 
On the way home I stopped at DI. There were about 50 kids there volunteering, whoa, some were just messing around ... Hard to shop, but fun to see them having fun. 

By the time I got home Dad had finished building the two steps to the French doors in the Garret bedroom!! 

Thursday morning I was up early to set the table for my Art Group's house tour later that day!  I took the whole day off so ... 
I could go to Jo Packham's remodeling sale inOgden.   I follow her on IG and she'd posted about her sale. She's the editor of Where Women Create, a Somerset magazine I love!  I drafted Joanne to go with me, and we had a blast!  
I bought this ten drawer chest that Jo had made and decorated with the art of friends!  What an amazingly fun find!! 
Next we hit the DI there, before going to Vintiquers, a new antique shop owned by Heidi, the proprietor of the Acorn Antique show I did with Bruce Allison for five years!!   The store was amazing!  And when we got there two of my Fleaology dealers were there putting up Heidi's sign!! 

What a great place for an antique shop!  It was amazing!! 
I hurried home to do the final touches on the salad course before these cute ladies showed up to start our Holiday Home Decor Tour! 
This is Joyce's adorable red and white bedroom!! 
And this is Jan's ...  Both beautiful!  I didn't get home until after midnight, but we had a ball!! 

On Friday, Scott found out that the fourth time is the charm, not the third. His car was over at Joel's to get the wipers fixed... He planned to use Spencer's car, which didn't start. So he took my key to his car and walked over to Joel's, only to find his car actually up on the rack.  So he walked back and took my car. 

Thus I was pretty much at home for the day. 
That evening was Sherri Oldham's Christmas open house over in West Mountaun. Kim Holmes, who met Sherri at my witch party, wanted to go, so she picked me up and we headed over. 
Sherri's nephew Steven Cooper, who Becca was friends with when we boarded horses with his family, was there with his wife and children. He asked me to say hi  to Becca and Emily. 

There was an amazing finger food buffet and carols around the piano and hay rides pulled by the Clydesdales that the Oldhams raise there on their hobby farm. Also found out that Sherri and hubs are serving a mission in Nauvoo starting in the spring.  Wahoo! 
Then it was up early on Saturday to head to Salt Lake for Dad's company Christmas party. We pick up these men in Orem, 
As well as the young man Darby's swinging here. 
Here are some good looking Perkins! 

Along with some Santa lovers ...
Zach didn't want to share his turn. 

I worked that afternoon while Dad worked on the attic electrical  and when I got home ... 
Dad and I hooked up with the Kews and went up the road a bit to the Fuji House, a Japanese place that's been there for four years!  The sushi was delish. Even Terry who doesn't like Sushi, liked it!! 
This morning the Branch Presidency got their picture taken for Christmas cards ... 
And wanted one of the leadership of the branch too, which included wives! 

We had church as usual after that and came home for delicious Sunday naps before getting ready to celebrate Hannukah!! 

We had a lighted centerpiece for the Festival of lights, and Dad found some Hannukah gift wrap for our table too 
Benjamin, my child with the Jewish name, lit the menora. 
Briahnna got her hair cut today!  Seriously cut!  She and Brittany will have the same hair cut when She and Dave go up this weekend to help the Mitkos move into their new house! 
Davin shows his delight with his platefull of latkes! 
And then it's time to spin the dreidel! 
This girl was definitely the winner, and was very happy about it!! 
Next came the Hannukah song ..." David Lee Roth lights the Menorah "....  Thanks Trevor 
Next we took turns reading our favorite 'Hershall and the Hannukah Goblins'. 

Davin takes his turn ... 
And Hannah too ...  (She has a Jewish name to go with Ben's!)
Dad finished it up with his big bass voice booming out the angry words of the king of the goblins ...  Elias was pretty interested in the book!  The evening was great!  The perfect party to end a week of parties! 


  1. Wow! What fun! I don't think I go to that many parties in a year, let alone a week! I just love living your life vicariously! I am amazed that Scott is still able to work on your new Master Bedroom with a bum shoulder. how does he do that? What motivated Bri to cut her hair so short? She's a beauty!

    1. Barb, I did it mostly so Nell wouldn't have to go through the awkward hair lengths alone. But I really am kinda liking it - it is awfully easy :)

  2. Your life makes me TIRED just reading about it. :D I really am an introvert. You, my friend, are the embodiment of "Party Woman"! And as my hair is falling out by the handsful (seriously) I am tempted to join the girls in the shortness of it all. But I'm too chicken! I wouldn't look as beautiful as they do.