Monday, December 21, 2015

More Partying and a New Floor in the Garret!

On Monday Dad worked in Richfield, but got home in time to go to Family Home Evening  at Trevor and Nell's. 
The kids got to open their Christmas basket as they'll be at their other Grandma's on Christmas. 

Scott seemed to like his Harry Potter magazine. 
Trevor gave the lesson out of their Christmas Advent book, which Nell put together. It was super fun! 
Afterwards we drove to Salt Lake to
 Robyn Brown's for her Crèche showing. She has more than 200 nativity scenes. 
Here we are with Bruce and Robyn. 
On Tuesday I was doing some gift wrapping...
When I got this nanner-nanner picture from Texas ....  
So I sent her this nanner-nanner picture.  

Of course Dad spent the afternoon and evening at the temple and I worked on Christmas cards. 
Wednesday was Jane Austen's 240th birthday. Always easy to remember how long it's been, since she was born exactly 200 years before I was married. All I do is add how many years I've been married! Voila. 
That night we went to the assisted living place by the Stake Center that is in Dad's branch, for their branch party.  
Here is Dad with the Rosses. Both retired professional musicians, they played for us on the piano and trombone, and they were wonderful. 
When we got home we completely cleared and swept the Garret. Then after Dad went to bed I finished up the painting, using our 7th gallon of paint. Yikes!  
The next morning Carlos and Eduardo came to do our new floor. Here they are using a leveling medium to make sure it would be flat! 
Then I was off to work until 2:00, after that I went to Jann's and bleached and dyed tiny Christmas trees!  So fun!   Then when I got home I got to see ....
The new floor all laid!!  Woot woot, thanks for your help Becca!! 

I worked again on Friday, an extra day!  
After work we had a caroling party at Trudy and Gordon Pecks house.  Here are my two beehives, along with a friend, I hired them all to come this week and help me haul stuff to the Garret. Move in day is coming quick!! 
Here we are caroling at Tony's house.  He's the mega decorator I love so much!!  At this point we'd lost 3/4 s if the group!  
On Saturday we got to see lots of friends and family at Becca's Star Wars event at Thanksgiving point. Here are Ashley and Andy with their boys!! 
This is the poster that announces her event at the Theater.
I loved this picture Ashley posted on Face book of Zach! 
Here I am with Ginny afterwards!  Such a good time. So thanks Becca!! 
After the movie I ran to Salt Lake and picked up a mattress I'd bought before heading to Kaysville to pick up the fainting couch my friend Arlene had done for me!  

We finished off the day with dinner at Zupas and some shopping. Tis  the season after all. 

On Sunday I had my lesson, then we hosted Scott's Branch Presidency for a Christmas dinner!   

Of course with all Scott's FB posts of the attic we had to show it off! 
Last of all we were off to Heuers for Sappy  Christmas movie night.  It was our second year for this tradition. 

Jeff previews all the Hallmark movies, then we get to watch the best ones. It was a double feature!! 

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  1. I love your floor in the Garret! It's looking so good. What day is moving day? Glad we got to do one night of Christmas movies together this year!