Monday, April 27, 2015

A New Grand Baby is Grand!

Yep, it's hard to fathom but another week has zoomed by. 
Our oldest grand daughter Kim went to prom last week, doesn't she kook pretty?
Eszie had her sweet baby boy on Monday, his name is Leo, how sweet is that face!!

This is Eszie and Leo's dad when they were still together.  Eszie seems happy, and seems to be enjoying being a Mom. 
I worked in Monday, catching up on the days I took off to go to Texas!  Someone bought this reinvented necklace for $150. I was stunned. 
After work Dad and I went to the care center as he was in charge of family home evening there. The Holmes came and talked about their mission to Scotland. It got Dad and me so exited about our up coming missions. 
On Tuesday I got to know my belt sander better .... It was so fun!!
I also worked on other projects to get ready for the ROCC Spring Fling this coming Saturday. 
That evening Brittney and I drove up to American Fork for Nell's baby shower.  

I loved this shot of Hannah telling us how Ben proposed!!  
I think it was Wednesday that I stole this cute picture of Charly off of Facebook!! 
Also on Wednesday, it was earth day, and since I've been collecting globes To sell at the arOCC show, I thought they look good wishing everyone a happy earth day!'   

That afternoon we got word that Nell was heading to the hospital to have Penny. 
Dad and I went to Trevor and Nell's to spend the night.   When we got there we took over from Davin and Bri!!  Here's Addy right from the bath. 

The girls are torturing Uncle Dave!! 
We woke up the next morning to news that Penny had arrived over night. 

Then after the kids went to school Eleanor and I  did some housekeeping before I took her to her grandma Hanson's  house in Salem, on my way to work.  Aunt Bri came to do some more housekeeping so Nell would be able to rest when she came home later!

I made these book page roses at work on Thursday, among other tasks. After work I had book club,  which I always enjoy. 
On Friday I met up with a customer who needed advise on doing an estate sale for her mother's estate.  She had this signed photo of Colin Firth, which, as it turned out was only worth about $25.   But I was so sure it was valuable. Alas. 

Then I headed to PG where I got to meet Penny!!   So sweet and pretty!!! 
Then it was off to sign papers on the sale of the Orem house!!  With our favorite realtor!!  
Then it was to the Orem house to pull the sign!! 
And take down the bed we'd used for staging.  Kind of sad to say goodbye , I always loved that house. 
That evening we met up with Trevor's family sans Nell and Penny, as well asSpencer  and Brittney and Nell's sister Alexis to attend the open house at the ....
Payson Temple. 
A good time was had by all. 

After the open house, Dad and Spencer managed to man handle the fridge back into the kitchen!   We moved it into the family ro a few days before we went to are Texas, then when we got back I needed to paint the alcove it sits in, thus  it sat in the family room for a month!   Crazy!!  

It was fun to see this picture of Bekie at a festival wearing the floral head wreath I got for her when I was in Texas!!

  I worked at the mall again on Saturday, my fourth day this week. 
But afterwards we got together with friends to eat Korean food and to see Jupitor Ascending!  Great to hang out with our besties. 
Today I got to teach Relief Society, the lesson was based on a talk President Benson gave soon after becoming President of the church. It was on immersing yourselves in the scriptures.  The talk was given in 1986, and was quoted in this past conference.  It was an amazing talk! 
Then it was home for afternoon reading, visiting with Spencer and Brittney and then getting ready for family dinner!  Brittney even helped peel potatoes. 

This is Addy sing and dancing "it's all about that face, bout that face ... No treble ..." Pretty dang cute.  We had a great time, to conclude our amazingly historical week. 

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  1. Amazing week! I don't know how you keep up! congrats to Nell and Trevor and to Eszie. Congrats for selling the house. I can't believe that someone spent $150 on one necklace. No sense of money!