Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Slow Week Back in Town!

 On Monday, still in Texas, Dad and I ran out and did some junking.  This is my favorite of the several stores we checked out.  There were a lot of other stores on this street, that looked fun, but were all closed on Mondays ... maybe next time.

 When we got back to Emily's Dad put up the little IKEA spice racks she'd had a friend pick up for her after seeing the idea on Pinterest.  (I painted them, no surprise there.) and now her kids have this cute reading corner.  Loved the idea, and got a blog post for my Pollyanna blog out of it.

We packed and headed for bed, because we left at 3:00 AM the next morning to have Sam (thanks so much) drive us back to the airport in Austin.
 We flew out at 6:00 AM and got to see the sun rise, how fun is that?
 But then we were back to the world where we only get to see the Texas grands long distance, but thank goodness for the technology.

I dropped Dad off at work, and then spent the day junking.  I picked him up at 5:00 and we headed south, stopping at Trevor and Nell's to pick up the printer he had ordered for us on line. A neighbor was having problems with their water heater, so Dad and Trevor went over and helped them fix it.  Dad said he learned how by watching on of the plumbers from our ward work on one before. 

 While there they invited us to dinner, which was perfect, because then all we had to do was head home and collapse when we got there.  
 On Wednesday, I was back to work ... and had a gentleman bring in this early 50's TV to be put on consignment.  

One of our most regular customers dropped in to show us the amazing red trike he had gotten at DI that day ... he did pay a 100 bucks, but its from the early thirties, and it is perfect.  Kind of sad to think of why this would be so, but still an incredible and rare find.

After work that night, Dad got started on the rest of the repairs at Payson Cottage, including putting the stove and fridge back in the kitchen.

I worked again Thursday, and got some of the things I junked on Tuesday cleaned up and priced. 

On Friday, we started early, and Dad fixed up a little fifties shelf that I had planned to use at a booth I was redoing at the mall.  Then he was off to work, while I stayed home and worked on painting the shelf for the mall.  I also painted a shelf for our kitchen, while I was at it.

Then I painted the interior of the nook where the stove and fridge in our house sit, so we can get out kitchen put back together, (Remember we removed them when we refinished our floor in the kitchen before heading to Texas.)

Next, when the paint on the shelf was dry I took the shelf into Treasures North, and redid my big booth at there, I was trying for a 50's, bright colors kind of look, and the old TV was a perfect anchor.  The white shelf I painted is the one with the rounded shelves to the left. 
 I had painted this shelf the week before we headed to Texas to use in this booth, and loved how it turned out.  After working on  redoing the booth for 4 and a half hours, I headed home to help out with some final cleaning on the Payson Cottage.
 The renters hadn't really cleaned, which we should have figured as they didn't ask for their deposit back ... guess the $200 deposit we offered because the parents of the girl had been in the ward when we lived there .... was alas ....  too little to be motivating.  We took this picture and when we got home got it listed on KSL expecting Saturday calls.

On Saturday, first thing, just to make me feel better, Dad put up the shelf I had painted .... just so I could feel like we are making some progress on our hugely interrupted kitchen remodel.  

 Then we were back at the Payson Cottage ... more cleaning, and showing the house to 5 different parties, all of whom asked for applications.  (Screening those tomorrow)

We spent Saturday evening watching these two cuties, while Becca and Brady headed to Salt Lake for a steak dinner to celebrate their anniversary ... Yes, Becca's been craving steak!! The kids were fun to watch.

Today was kind of low key.  I attended our ward for Sacrament meeting and Sunday School, where we have the best teachers ever!!  Then I met up with Dad for the second of the two nursing home Sacrament meetings he conducted. 

After church we came home and did some journaling and blogging, respectively, and that was our 'back to real life' week!!

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