Monday, April 13, 2015

Abigail Makes Her Debut.

This week is notable as the week that Emily got unpregnant. 
On Monday we had all hoped that she'd have the baby in time for us to fly home on our original tickets on Wednesday.   We walked a couple of miles along this nature trail to bring it on... 
Note the Blue Bonnets along the trail.  
When looking closely, we noted that each blossom looks like a tiny pioneer bonnet, thus the name.  
On Tuesday morning we realized we needed new plane tickets, and bought them 6 days out.  

Sam was off work, so he and dad did some projects together. They replaced the ignition tumbler on their mini van, then Dad added a water line to their ice maker ...

As you can see above Emily and the kids and I went to the sunken gardens ... More walking.  

And a train ride too!! 
On Wednesday Dad and Em took the kids grocery shopping. When they got back we just had a quiet evening.  
On Thursday I painted the chairs I'd found at Goodwill the previous week. 

Emily made sushie. 
I painted Bekie's fingernails and toenails.  

Then it was off to the hospital for Emily's appointment to get started that evening. 

I stayed with her until labor got hard, then Sam came to take over.  

Abigail Paula Talley was born around 9:00AM.   

When I saw this picture of Emily I realized why I so automatically  liked Jami, the leader of my ROCC group. 
Dad and I watched the kids Friday and then on Saturday ... 
We got to take the kids to see their new sister.  
Thought I'd throw in my FB posts for sibling day!!
While we were extending our stay here in Texas Spencer and Britt continued at home helping out Cheryl.    

Then on Friday and Saturday they did Questival.   It's a sponsored list of quest ideas, with points assigned to each and tallied. They came in in the top 20%.  

On Sumday we talked to them about some of the fun and funny stuff they did.  If you want to see more, Brittney posted a long list on her face book page.  
You should go check it out. 
And here's our winking and smiling 2 day old doll. 

She and her sister also have tongue skills. 

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