Sunday, November 24, 2013

McKenna Arrives in the Nick of Time!!

So this is another week with the Perkins clan ... It started with me picking up a work day on Monday at Treasures ... So not much exciting there.
This pic is of Titan having his scan, after having a mild seizure a few weeks ago, its just precautionary. Sorry this pic is out of order, I am blogging on my iPad, as Mike is giving our computer a select  lobotomy, and changing out pics on my iPad pretty much means starting over, so not going to happen.  Still thought it was a cute picture.

Tuesday night I went to another art retreat, which I enjoyed a lot.  The three girls in the picture with me all belong to the Reclaimilogists that I sell with on FB.  

I worked again on Wednesday frantically getting stuff moved out of the van into the store, as we needed to empty it to add all the seats for our trip to Idaho the next day.  

As often happens I didn't sleep well that night and got a text from Dave while I was still up about 1:30 saying they were at the hospital.  When I got up, about 6:00 Scott read me the text announcing McKenna's birth.  Happy day!

With dad and I putting seats in the van, packing, loading, it was after nine that we got to the hospital to see our newest addition.

Such a pretty little girl, and such an unusual birth story.  Briahnna has given me permission to share, so here goes...

After a few hours of serious labor, Bri opted for an epidural.  Her mom and Davin were with her, and after a while, being so exhausted Bri fell asleep, so did Davin and her mom... A while later they were awakened by the sounds of a baby coughing ... And there she was, head and shoulders to the world, as Davin ran for a nurse, Lisa caught little McKenna as she finished her task of getting born.  

This is the cute quilt that I found at the doll house festival, perfect for our sweet dark haired doll.

I ran to work and got there just 5 minutes late.  Dad came by after my shift, and after getting all new tires for the van, and then we headed north. We picked up Ashley and her family.  Then Becca and her kids, then Darby and it was off to Idaho!

We got in about 1:30 A.M. And spread out beds and rearranged couches for a giant slumber party ... That is when someone decided it was a good time to start a movie ...  Then that someone fell asleep while, the rest of us watched the new superman movie ...Yawn .  The next day we all just hung out, cousins getting aquainted, and sisters enjoying each  other.

And of course there were more movies to be watched ...

... And babies to be played with.

And some pretties just preened.

Titan found an unusual set of bears to be scary with.

Then it was time for the big event ... Seeing the second Hunger games movie, Catching Fire.

The next day dad and I spent six hours junking ... 

And when we got back, Alex was giving his cousins rides,  while the  adults were watching another movie.  Then it was time to pack up the van and head home.

Dad and I got home before midnight. .... And for once I had no problem falling asleep.  But morning came early and with it a call from the ward exec sec and a new calling for moi ... Namely as one of two gospel doctrine teachers, my favorite calling ... And just in time for Old Testament next year!!

After our block we went to sacrament meeting again in Pleasant Grove where we got to hear Scott play a piano solo... He did a great job, and his grandpa and I are so proud of him!  After church we stopped at their house to visit for a bit, and Eva made dad and I sandwiches, which was so very nice.  We enjoyed a visit with Nell, before Trevor came home to get the family for tithing settlement.  What a lovely week we had ... Time spent with all our grands except the southern ones...

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  1. cool! We get to be Gospel Doctrine teachers together!

    I think I would have totally freaked out to find that my baby was born while I was resting! What a great story!

    Just love to see how often your kids get together!

    Who is that new guy with Ashley!?!?!? :) He looks totally different with a beard! You know me....change your look and you are someone else!