Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Week and The felling of Big Trees.

Thanksgiving week wouldn't be thanksgiving week without lots of Christmas prep which mainly comes in anticipation of Festival of Trees set up that happens the following Monday.   This week started out with picking up a few Christmas items that I had agreed to buy on line from a friend in American Fork.  That lead to some junking, of course, because that is how I roll.  
On Tuesday I did a bit of crafting for my blog post the next day. Dad came home from work, instead of going to the temple, as it is closed.  He then spent three hours mowing up leaves, until well after dark.

On Wednesday I worked, as usual. Dad came and got me after closing, and we headed to Maui Chill in Hlghland (Lehi) for our first vertical dogs ... Yum!

Of course Thursday was beyond  busy ... Dad was off early to run in the Turkey Trot in Orem, (picture at the end ofmthisnpost) where he met Ben and Trevor.  Dad came in fourth in his age group, and loved spending time with his sons.  I, meanwhile, was starting the turkey and setting tables, three of them.

Dad got home about eleven and helped with finishing details .... He is the perfect sous chef ... And I love working with him.  Thanks honey!

Brittney invited a fellow student at BYU, Mia and  her sister My (pronounced Me) from Vietnam, which was very cool.  They even brought a pie they had made, and it was yummy!  While  Brittney and Spencer were in Vietnam this past summer, they met Mia's family at home, wow what an amazing experience.

after dinner Nell took the opportunity for a mini family photo shoot ....

Then it was time for pie!!

... And baby snuggles...

... And while the adults were visiting and singing the family songs... The grands were

Finding their own snacks ....

And reinventing the pyramids ... art is by Ian!

Friday I spent the whole day working on Festival of trees ornaments and props.... Including painting dots on everything in site.  Dad spent the day hauling the remains of the catalpa tree off the front lawn to the side of the house, including a couple of huge logs that required Spencer's help... Thanks Spencer.  

We rewarded ourselves for a long day of labor by meeting up with these love birds for dinner and a romantic movie, what else?!

Saturday I did more Festival of Trees ... And Dad mowed up the leaves on the back lawns.  Then Ben came in the afternoon to make a mess of the front lawn again, thankfully...  

He brought down the trunk of the first tree, then very skillfully brought down the second tree, whole, and very carefully.  He has serious skills, and we are so grateful for him and his skills.

That night dad and I went to see the new bbc version of Great Expectations at the Spanish Fork Water gardens ... It made me laugh that the flying children sculptures there boasted holiday headwear.  Oh and we enjoyed the movie too.

Sunday morning I headed to church early and was able to be set apart as the Gospel Doctrine teacher, then I got to teach for the first time ... Which went ok, but I definitely have room for growth.

Spencer and Brittney also went early and finally received callings ... Spencer as the 15 - 18 year old Sunday School teacher, and Brittney as the Beehive Advisor ... Coincidentally the two callings Emily held at the time she left the ward last February.

When dad got back from his second set of meetings, we dragged Spencer and Brittney and headed out to see grandpa.

... And last of all here is a picture of my handsome men at the big race!!


  1. YOu are so great to fit a visit to Maui Chill to try the Maui Dog into your busy week! You will have to tell me REALLY what you think...too much sauces, not enough, too much bread? Not enough dog? Totally open to input!

    Sorry I missed the christmas movie with Heuers. Next Saturday?

    Congrats to Scott! He is amazing. Wish I had that much drive and determination.

    I like that "Salt Shaker Snow Globes".

    You need to label pictures of the babies! I don't know them well enough to know who is who!


    1. Why did those trees have to come down? Where were they?