Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Quiet Week on the Home Front

It was a pretty quiet week around here, as things usually go... On Monday  I had a chance to facetime with Emily and got a tour of their new house.  Then Becca called me to invite be to meet her and the kids and Grandpa Carlo for lunch in Spanish.  Above we see Reagan and Grandpa sharing smiles.  Grandpa always seems to enjoy babies.

But toddlers not as much. ... Here is Titan waiting for lunch, later when we were outside getting everyone loaded Grandpa forgot Titan was with us, and kept telling him to go back into the store... Titan was a bit confused by that.

After lunch I did some Christmas shopping, including stopping at the Hobblecreek Barn Boutique, being held at the same defunct Food4Less that we used for the Reclaimologists  sale we had back in October. Fun stuff .... Of course I also stopped at DIs Boutique in Prove, while I was out.

When Dad got home we had dinner and watched a couple on Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel ... Still enjoying the flat screen our great kids got us last year.

Tuesday was a stay at home and putter day, I knew I needed to tidy up as I was hosting book club Thursday and wouldn't have another day to work on it.  Finished up the day with more movies.

Wednesday I worked, and when I made a call to the owner of Dear Lizzie to remind her to pick up the rest of the fountain she bought three months ago, she asked about a small couch.  I sent her pics of this one, with a note that Arlene, Aunt Shirley's sister, who had done work for her before, could probably reupholstered it.  Neither Laura or Arlene would answer their phones, so I was texting all day to make arrangements ..crazy, but with the hoped for outcome.

I worked again Thursday and wrote out a bunch of our Christmas cards ... Also got a picture of this lovely sunset, which I love. We don't get them in Payson, because west mountain is in the way, which makes them that much nicer!

I stopped off for refreshments at Macey's before getting homes just minutes before the book club ladies arrived.  As they were leaving we noticed this weird icecicle hanging from the extension chord that powers the Christmas lights in the fence.  Too funny.

On Friday morning I pulled this nice old barn wood manger out of the  van, I had bought from another dealer at the mall who makes them, and put it under the tree to fill with gifts, to suggest that since 'in as much as ye have done it unto the least of these, ye have done it unto me' all gifts we give each other, are, in that sense, a gift to our Savior.  It will also be fun to put our sweet 'baby Jesus' (McKenna) in for our Bethlehem Dinner next week.

The rest of Friday was primarily taken in picking up the little couch at the shop and driving to Salt Lake to do some junking before meeting Alene in a parking lot to trade off the couch!  

That night, because Dad and I have no life, we watched a few more Hallmark movies.

Saturday I had to work again, so dad headed north, gathering grandchildren along the way, to his work Christmas party at the Hollywood Connection.

Darby, Trevor and his family and Becca and her family joined them. (He had picked up Ashley and Andy's kids). 

Here's Zachary having fun.

Dad said he thought that everyone had fun .... Then he headed home with Trevor and Nell's kids too, dropping off the Halls in Orem, and taking Scott, Eva and  Lu home with him.  Brittney was making some sugar cookies, and drafted the troops to join her, I think they had a ball ... And I know they loved the cookies.  When I got home from work and grocery shopping, I made dinner, and after dinner we drove them home ... Arriving at the exact same time as Trevor and Nell fromTrevor's work party ...

Today was my second time to teach, and Dad thought it went much better, though it felt about the same as my first time to me.  When Dad got home from his second set of meetings, we had Spencer  and Brittney join us for dinner before the four of us headed to our stake choir Christmas sing.  Dad got to sing with two choirs, our ward and the one in which he serves as a high counselor.  Pretty funny eh?  We were sitting by the Ekins and Todd leaned over and called him a Two Timer ... We all laughed.

So that was our very sedate week, hope you had more excitement than we did.  Love you all!


  1. It may have been a sedate week for Mom but mine was not that sedate. I had a full center store reset in the Orem store (the one I opened 22 years ago as the store director). I was working 12 to 14 hour days all week. We still had about 10 sets that we needed to finish on Monday so I wouldn't say I was sedate...

  2. I like the manger under the tree!
    I didn't know Scott was on the High Council! or did I? I have such a poor memory! How long has he been HC? Don Ripplinger (who used to be director of the Mormon Tab) was our HC all last year! He never sang in our choir! Way to go the extra mile, scooter!
    I am teaching this next Sunday and don't even have a topic yet! i have got to get going!