Monday, December 9, 2013

Days of Celebration and Christmas Movies

Monday was spent setting up for the Festival of Trees, here I am with the my 'We Can' group. Then we all went to lunch.... Dad putting the tree together ahead of time made for our fastest set up time yet.  Thanks honey.

When I got home I worked on the tree in the parlor, before heading off with dad to our Family Home Evening group!!

On Tuesday I met my friend Arlene for lunch, the weather was awful... It took me an hour and a half to get to Salt Lake, it was maybe insane to go, and I kept feeling very good about those new tires that we hadn't really needed for the trip to Idaho.  

After our lunch I spent a couple of hours junking before meeting up with Darby at the close of her shift to do some Christmas shopping.  Dad and I finished off the day with a Christmas movie.

I worked on Wednesday and then went to Festival of Trees afterward with Dad, eating take out pizza on the waypoint, and catching some Maui Chill on the way home ... Then Thursday was another work day followed by another evening of sappy Christmas movies on Hallmark!

Then on Friday it was set up time for my book club Christmas luncheon ...

Our meal is always a planned potluck ...

Which I though turned out very nice ... Last of all we play a gift exchange game where we share and discuss favorite books.  It's one of my favorite events of the season.

After our book club luncheon, I cleaned it all up and then did it all over again with the sister missionaries, which was lovely, of course ... Feeding missionaries is truly one of my favorite things.  Then Dad and I finished off a perfect day with a couple of old Christmas movies, which I will mention by name because Briahnna's cares about such things; It Happened on Fifth Avenue, then Christmas in Conneticut.  

On Saturday we took it easy, doing some shopping before making a pot of soup and heading up to Highland in a blizzard ....

Where we swapped bowls of soup and , yep, we snuggled inane watched  a couple of romantic Christmas movies... On Halmark!!

On Sunday, it was off to church,  then tithing settlement .....before heading to Spanish where we had a nice visit with Grandpa Carlo.  

We got home in time to set up for our faux Hanukkah celebration, which turned  out to be more faux than usual, since we celebrated three days after it was over.  The super later Thanksgiving and super early Hanukkah, kind of threw us off.

Eleanor was pretty excited with her one big win in the dreidal game, doesn't she look smug?  In the end it was her mom that was winner take all!

So that was our party and Christmas movie kind of week!


  1. The grandbabes all look so darn cute! I love that pic with Eleanor. ANd where Adilyn is looking straight at the camera- TREVOR read Hershel this year? Hope so...

  2. So glad you posted pictures of both of your trees! The ski/skate one is fun and your own tree is lovely.

    I have a bug and have been home from work yesterday and today. Loved being able to spend more time watching the sappy Christmas movies. Have you seen "Naughty and Nice". I thought the acting and writing was above par!
    I love the idea of a "book" white elephant. I'm going to do that.