Sunday, November 3, 2013

Seven Parties in Seven Days

 On Monday, I started with a doctor's appointment just to check my cholesterol for my prescription, then I ran to PG to watch a movie with Eleanor, while Trevor and Nell took Scott out of school and to lunch to celebrate the first night he spent with them 8 years ago ... known as the Jader-scott-aversary. 

After their lunch, it was time for Eva and Eleanor's witch party.  I felt very lucky to be included on a guest list of three!

 Loved this witch that Eva made for decor for the party!
Scott even drifted in and out of the party, helping, snacking, etc. as happy as helpful as always!

It was a great party!  Thanks Eva and Eleanor!

On Tuesday, with the clock ticking, I painted the remaining basement bedroom at Payson cottage, which turned out to be pretty pleasant because Emily called me and we visited on speaker phone while I did a lot it.

As I was finishing up, Darby called me to say she needed help getting the hood open on the old blue van to jump it, as she was picking up some leather couches she had found on KSL ... it was fun to see her and her cute little boy.

 Next I was off to my friend Angie's house in AF for a painting party. She was getting her trailer, Miles, ready for her Christmas Sale and Party on Saturday.  I just kept on my paint clothes from painting at the cottage, it was perfect.

On the way home I shopped for the dinner party that Dad and I were throwing for the grandkids the next day.

 I worked on Wednesday, and managed to get a lot of stuff out of the van and into the antique mall, that I had had at the Reclaimologist show the previous weekend.
Then after work, I hurried home, while Becca and Brady and Dad picked up grandkids and met me at home for our spooky dinner.
... , or shall we say our All Hallow's Eve Eve Dinner... we had a Halloween party for the grands ...
 Pretty darn cute, don't you think?

 Becca brought Brady along to help out, seen here hollowing out Eleanor's pumpkin, while Becca worked with Dad on Real Estate paperwork for Grandpa's house. 

I gave Elias, Zach and Ian a ride home after the party, and had a really nice conversation with Ian.  Its amazing what a really nice young man he is growing up to be. 

 I also worked Thursday and hurried after work to our ward's trunk or treat dinner and party.  To the right are the Weights and their newly adopted son ... they are all Newsies, pretty fun eh?
My friend Ginny came as Cruella.

My friend Raelene, just put together some funky stuff, but I thought she looked like a street vendor from My Fair Lady.

Some people looked so good they didn't need to dress up.

On Friday I spent the day at the Payson Cottage again, this time painting the bathroom that Dad just finished replacing the tub in and tiling the surround and floor.  When he got off work he joined me for a fun and interesting non-party evening.  So many little details to touch up.

 On Saturday there was more to do at the cottage, but first we headed to the temple for a session with the Stake Presidency, High Counsel and Bishops ... as the kick off for our Stake Conference, where we will be getting a new Stake President next week.

Above Spencer stops by to help Dad saw off the new door for the basement bathroom.

To the left is a the cupboard that I painted for Angie in her Trailer on Tuesday, shown at her Christmas Party and Sale Saturday afternoon ...
 And here she and Eric are shown in their 50's duds ... below is shown the dessert table, filled with goodies made from recipes out of a 1950's cookbook.
Next I was off to Titan's birthday Carnival ...

Nell's friend Liz came and did a great job face painting, she even did a manly Maori design for Brady.

Looks like Titan was having a good time ... and even I got my face painted. 

That night Dad and I went to dinner at a Mexican place we have been hearing extolled in Springville, Joe Bandido's, but neither of us were very terribly impressed.  Yes, good, but no better than the two places in Payson we like, and much more trouble to get there.

After dinner we met up with the Moes, and Gearhearts to see Ender's Game, which just came out.  I had read the book, but Dad had not.  We both liked it, Orson Scott Card is a great author, as I am sure Ben would tell you, the plot was great, and so fun to see Harrison Ford in a movie again.  Alas it was a late night. ...

Today, Dad was off to his last high counsel meeting with President Willardson ... who accidentally referred to him as President Perkins once.  I am not worried, since I have had no premonition, like we both did at least 6 months before he was called as bishop.

I was subbing for Terry Kew, but since our printer wasn't working, I was feverishly taking notes on the lesson I had looked up on line, before remembering I could look it up on my Ipad at church, and that is what I did ... it was very cool, and the kids in the class said, "Hey, Sister Kew has one of those too."

My friend Ginny was made the new Relief Society President and she will do an amazing job.

That night, Trevor and Nell went to see Grandpa at the care center, and brought him to the family party at Davin and Bri's house. 

 Scott photo bombs a picture I am taking of these two cuties interacting!

 I caught Elias getting into the football game the bigger boys were replaying ... and Brittney gets snuggles from Elle.
 Grandpa was in a very good and chatty mood and seemed to really enjoy the evening.

Bri had planned Cafe Rio salads, which we all love, and Nell brought her famous homemade Twix bars ....
Elias obviously enjoyed his, I know I enjoyed both of mine.

So that was my week of 7 parties in 7 days, next time I will have to plan better so I don't have to make up for a partyless Friday with double party Saturday, eh?

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