Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Bunch of White Things, Three Estate Sales, Two Birthdays and a Canned Ham Trailer.

Monday started out my week, as a work day to make up for the Wednesday I took off last week for the Shakespeare Festival.   Dad had his late day, working until 8:00, so I picked up Grandpa at Ashley's house, as she had watched him that day.  She'd had to leave for work an hour and a half before I could get there, so Andy took over for her.  It was great to see him, when I picked up Dad, and he was super helpful.  Thanks Andy and Ashley for helping out!
So, if you have noticed paint on my hands this week, this is why .... I have been crazy busy painting up goodies for flea.o.logy this coming Saturday.  This lot was painted on Tuesday, when Dad got home from work, before heading off to the temple, I had run to the store .... this is the text he sent me ... made me smile.

Wednesday and Thursday were work days, as usual.  I added more touches to my small stuff display on Wednesday, then painted a chair and a half for flea.o.logy on Thursday, along with regular responsibilities.  After work I got in some grocery shopping and more flea.o.logy projects.

 Thursday night I ran over to Emily's around 10 to help her with the sealing wax portion of J. Scott's Hogwarts letter.  I had found the owl at work that day, with the help of my supportive friend Nikki.

Then early Friday morning I took the owl and the letter and placed them on J. Scott's from door step, then I called Nell on her cell to tell her they were there.  Scott came out and saw them, and later said as soon as her read "Mr. S. Perkins, downstairs bedroom ... he knew what it was!  So fun.
I then went to one antique sale in PG before coming back to get Nell and Lu to be my junking partners for the day.
Nell and I loved this old Volkswagon station wagon and got Lu to pose with it!
 We went to three estate sales, and DI and made a big haul, in fact the small antique dolly that Lu is riding on was actually a dollar!
After a fun day of junking with Nell, Dad and I headed to Provo to meet up with the Heuers and Moes, as well as Jeff's folks, for a birthday dinner for Robin .... its so weird, we realized that when we became friends, the Moes were still in their twenties, the Heuers were in their early thirties and now we are all in our fifties, except Dad who is, well, into the next decade!

 Yep, we have all been friends for 22 years, how weird is that?
 Afterwards we went back to Trevor and Nell's with J. Scott birthday gift, a Hogwarts train ... Dad put it together for him, and now Trevor has great plans to incorporate it into Scott's room.  What a very cool dad!

Early Saturday morning Spencer and Sam went fishing at Payson Lakes ... as always, Sam caught his limit and so did Spencer.  They helped other less savvy fisher people to catch some fish too.  They had a great time, and Brittney cooked fish for dinner that night!  Yeah Brittney!

Our Saturday started when I ran to a couple of Payson garage sales, while Dad put the pieces back into the ceiling of the main floor bathroom, as everything had finally dried out, then he  added handles to the attic of the garden house so that adults (read that as fat grandmas) can get up into the loft more easily! 

Then he went to teach Finnish at the MTC (that our Primary was sponsoring for the kids), while I ran to AF to attend the grand opening of the pink trailer, the project of one of our flea.o.logists, who happens to be married to the Junior High School friend of Trevor's!!

Look how great it looks!

I got home in time to do still more painting, while Dad got things ready for grandpa's shower, as Emily Wright was coming for Grandpa's big event.

After the shower the three of us got in the car and headed to Orem to meet the Broughs for our bi-yearly dinner out.  As we were walking in, Grandpa said "My pants are falling off." and indeed they were almost down to his knees .... Dad took off his own belt to secure the situation, and Grandpa had a great dinner, eating more than I have seen him eat in months!  We had a nice visit with the Broughs, and an enjoyable evening all together.

Sunday, after church, Spencer and Brittney hosted us for dinner and invited Emily and Sam too.

 Brittney made a family recipe, a sort of sweet and sour meatballs that were delicious, even Grandpa and Cheryl ate them all gone, and Cheryl asked for seconds .... a first in the year she has lived here.  Definitely getting this recipe!!
Afterwards Dad showed off the handles he had placed in the garden house, and the latch he had added to the ladder so that no grandchildren will be harmed in the hanging out and jumping around in the garden house ever again!! 

 After dinner Dad, Grandpa and I went to the park for one of the final concerts there.  We were pleasantly surprised when Spencer and Brittney  joined us.

So that is pretty much our week.  Hope yours was lovely too!
Perkins Kids, FYI  We will be celebrating our late August Birthdays with a tall layered waffle 'cake' with strawberry jam and whipped cream at our family breakfast on Labor day .... along with watching the parade ... 9:00 A.M. should be about the right time.  See you then.

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  1. The canned ham trailers are sure a thing right now. We saw several on our trip. I asked one lady if she would show me the inside. It was sooooooooo adorable. All pink and white and ruffles.