Monday, August 5, 2013

The Week in Which Dad Finds the Source of the Leak.


 So since I am a day late, and probably at least a dollar short, I am going to try to make this quick.

Monday I worked to make up for a day I took off to go to Cali ... that night Dad and I took Grandpa to see Ephraim's Rescue and loved it!

Tuesday afternoon I went visiting teaching.


 On Wednesday I worked, and Emily was to watch grandpa, as I needed to use our monthly grocery coupon worth 10% off that expired the next day and Dad was in charge of doing the blood bank that night.  Yep, just another fun High Council assignment.

Ashley called and needed someone to watch Zach that night, so Dad picked him up on his way home from work, then took him to Emily's, where he played with Beckie, shown above.  After shopping I came and picked up Zach and took him home and when Ashley came to get him later we got a chance to visit, which was a lot of fun!
I worked as usual on Thursday, and had planned to make a pennant banner that I was making for a commission while there.  But after getting the letters glittered, I realize they were too big for the pennants I had printed off.  Ooops.  That night Dad and I watched The Time Traveler's Wife, which was fun and relaxing.

The next day I spent working on the banner and catching up on some house work. Did you know that I love to sweep up glitter?

After Dad got home, we headed up to the park where we stood in line for almost two hours at the Salmon Supper.  The Kews met us about halfway through the line waiting, and we met a cute couple who we visited with most of the time.  The new bride, married May 18th, is already expecting, and the husband is applying for med school.  The wife is getting her degree in Public Health at BYU, the same degree that Brittney is getting, which was kind of fun.  She said she didn't know Brittney, but would look for her in the future.

 Here we see the firemen at the end of the day, finishing up the rest of the salmon .... yum!
 When I got home I put up the banner I had made and took pictures of it for my blog. 

 Saturday morning I ran to Pleasant Grove and picked up Eva to go to fleattitude with me.  I think she had fun.  Larry, one of the Reclaimologists, gave her the statue of liberty sun glasses, after he saw her admiring them.  How nice was that.
 We both loved this trailer, and talked the dealers who have it, into coming and doing flea.o.logy.  We are hoping to have three 'trailer shops', how fun would that be?

And while I was off having fun with Eva, Dad was at home finally getting to the root of the leak in the main floor bathroom ... was it Dad's new toilet reset? NO!  Was it the original plumbing installed in 1894? NO! was it the remodeled plumbing put in during the 1930's when the back service staircase was taken out and a bathroom was added on each floor in what had been the stair well?  NO!  It was the plumbing put in by Robert's Mechanical in 1998, when we added a bathtub to the upstairs bathroom ... how sad is that?!

 Well, congrats to Dad for getting to the root of the problem, unfortunately he had to make Swiss cheese of his new ceiling in our recently remodeled main floor bathroom ... and then he had to go on to get rid of the indoor swimming pool the whole mess had made in Spencer and Brittney's soon to be apartment.  At least our renter had moved out before it happened, so we had no liability that way ... awe the silver linings.

 That night we took Grandpa to Emily's again, then headed to Salt Lake for the Pickin' and Grinnin' reunion with the 8th ward in Salt Lake.  Above are Kay Cox, Barbara Seward and Janet and Marshall Brough. To the right is Lori Holt with her husband and step father.  Lori, who I used to visit teach when we were both in the ward, came up to me and said ... "You are Brittany Mitko's mother!!"  "She is one of my good friends!"  As it turns out Lori works at a dentist's office in SLC, The Mitko's dentist that is ...  She and I just became facebook friends and she was looking at our common friends and was surprised to see all the Mitkos on my list ....  How funny is that!?
 The shindig was in the Larrabees back yard, here is Karen and Doug with two of their children, MayLynn and Jeff.
 On the way home, getting natural gas in Springville, Dad ran into one of the temple workers on his shift in Provo.  He was on his way back from helping a friend bring back his son and new bride from Baker California, where their car had broken down on their honeymoon ...  As you see the 'newly wed' notes are still on the windows, fortunately they were all laughing about it by then .... what a memory.
 Darby hosted everyone for our bi weekly Sunday dinner at her condo, and I got to meet her dog Max for the first time.

 Here are a few happy family pictures ... the food was great, and I think everyone who was able to be there had fun.

So that was our week .... hope yours was fun too!


  1. Since I was comatose when Paula wrote this a few revisions: Monday night I put a few flange in for the toilet. Tuesday night was Ephraim's Rescue. Wednesday night I helped move a single sister and had a Stake Audit committee meeting and the couple we met in line at the Salmon Supper was married on May 26th. (Sorry it is just the accountant in me showing up)

  2. I would have said the engineer, latent engineer? Anyway, a very organized mind that drives you to accomplish wonders in short periods of time. I've seen it with my own eyes. RSP is a short-order miracle man!

    I'm guessing you can certainly trust fire fighters to NOT burn the salmon.

    My brother looks a little scary, but oh so content to be around his little ones.

    Is Paula saying, trust antique plumbing over the updated version? Made to last . . . Not common these days. My dryer is as old as Kelly, and still going strong with replaced belt, the one repair, yay!

  3. I thought the "Austenland" wing ding would be in this post?!??!

    When you Scott "ran into" a friend from the temple and I saw the picture of the car being towed, I thought he LITERALLY ran into his friend! Glad it wasn't so!

    I think the story about your facebook friend finding out you were Britt's mom is fun!

    I love the trailer....

    Eva got sick after these pictures? This must be last week's blog!!! A lot can happen in a week!