Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Little Shakespeare, Some Horses, A couple of Weddings ... and Cambodian Friends!

Here am I with my book club ladies at the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City were we spent three days and saw 5 plays ... the sign at the left is for the room below the trap door which is arranged in the front part of the audience in the theater.  Using this trap allows actors to be suddenly thrust or  'thrown up'  onto the stage ... thus the name...  Made me laugh.
We saw Peter and the Star Catcher, based on the book we had read, Peter and the Star Catchers ... its a prequel to Peter Pan ... thus the bulletin board above of James Barrie, the author of the original.
Emily sent this picture of Becky kissing a horse at the county fair, thought it was cute!
Back at work on Wednesday and Thursday, I redid this display that I am in charge of at Treasures North.
On Friday I went junking in Salt Lake with LaVern ... always fun.

That night we got to see Spencer and Brittney, as they are back!! They spent their first night in the apartment that night ... its going to be so fun to see them sometimes.

Sam and Emily went to the Evening part of their ward campout.  Becky got to ride this cute donkey, and loved it.  Definitely her papa's daughter.
Our very own version of the duck dynasty brothers.

Saturday Ashley came down to spend the day.  We loved having her.  She spent some time playing hymns on the piano, which delighted Grandpa.  She also watched Grandpa, while Dad and I ran up to Seth's wedding reception. 

Since Seth (Spencer's best friend from High School, etc) and Katie, Emily's bestie were both getting married that day, and since they had both lived with us for a short time, we got comparing notes, and realized that over the years we have had 20 different, non immediate family members who have done so ... whoa!
I ran off to Shanna Weight's baby shower that afternoon.  She is adopting.  The other three ladies are ward members.

Emily dropped by to visit Ashley before heading to Katie's reception set up ... though she had been helping all day with various wedding related tasks.

Ashley, Emily and Becca were all at Katie's reception, which is always fun!

Here are some pics of family dinner and Ashley's birthday party Sunday evening.

Spencer and Brittney brought gifts from Cambodia ...

And Eva seems to be  back to normal ... so good to see her happy and just regular!!  She is wearing a fanny pack with a pump to inject big antibiotics, through her picc line every 6 hours.  She gets the pack off for an hour a day, so her parents can flush the lines.

Happy Birthday Ashley, and welcome home, Eva, Spencer and Brittney, all back from adventures this week!


  1. What an adorable family we have....

  2. I think Ashley was the star of your week!

    Spencer can really grow a beard! Glad they are back safely. I really would love to see pictures of what they did as I doubt I will ever get to Cambodia....

    Didn't you go to the Shakespeare festival last year with your book club? Can I join that book club? it's sounds like a fun tradition! Except your probably always go the same week and I am already back at work by then!

    Fun to see you last night!