Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Tea Party, Premiere, Prime Rib, Carnival, Bike Race and Hospital Stay

 Paula at WeCan with Patti

 and Sandy and Caroly and Paulette on Monday.   The doll house is for the Doll House Festival this fall for the Justice Center, a group that raises money to help child abuse victims.

 Steve Kew and a recently returned missionary couple who spoke at our Empty Nesters - Preach My Gospel FHE group that night.

Tuesday Paula and Robin got to go to the Austenland Tea at the Grand America.

 Where the author Shannon Hale lectured on writing Austenland and the food was yummy.
 The girls we sat with were from northern Davis County, one lives in Andrew Larsen's ward, the other went to school with his sister Megan.
We return to Salt Lake to attend the premiere of Austenland that night, and have a photo op on the red carpet with 'Darcy'! of course.

 Paula, Robin and Barb, who joined us for the movie, along with her sister Donelle, who is behind the camera.  We all loved the movie!

 Above a cute shot Emily sent me of her little monkey ... to the right is a lady who came into the shop, her hair is longer than she is, and she wears it wrapped loosely around her neck so it looks like a necklace ... it is 6 feet long.
 On Friday Aunt Joyce and I went junking and to lunch to celebrate her birthday.  We stopped at Clark and Jo's so she could show me the covers she is considering for Mom's book.

 Uncle Clark told me a story about our Indian Princess ancestor that was so tragic, I don't think I can repeat it ... but it made me so sad.
 Mary was also at her folks house, doing Kristen's hair, but I am sure Kristin would appreciate it, if I did NOT show you the picture I took of her.
 Back to Utah County in time for the carnival being held by the Weights for their adoption bills.  I did the 'Tin Can Alley' and ....
Shooting the ping pong balls off the soda bottles. (Dad went to the Stake High Priest Social, eating prime rib, while I had cotton candy and a snow cone.)

 Here, every one's favorite towel head, Joe Weight, shown telling fortunes.
 While his wife Shanna flies to the finish line to win the potato sack race, while Riley Rodriguez finishes second.
When I was driving home, I got a message and pulled over to read it ...   oh no .... Eva was headed to Primary Children's Hospital ...
I drove home quickly and Dad and I headed up to the hospital to find a sad and hurting Eva.

 Here she is taken for Xrays of her chest to rule out pneumonia.
They put her in a regular room ... the meds are working and she is much happier.

Saturday morning, after just 3 hours of sleep, Dad and I went to the airport to bring Nell to the hospital.  She had been in Washington for a family reunion with her grandmother.

 Next we went up to Hoytsville  for a Vintage Market, then got to watch the Tour of Utah bike race as it went by, followed by lunch at Subway.

That evening we got to babysit Elias and Addilyn while their folks went to dinner.  When they picked up the kids, Dad and I went to dinner ourselves at Los 4 Amigos.
Today, after church,  I made Eva this Smash Book with stuff for her to add about her stay at Primary's.   We are all praying for what looks to be a simple outcome for our darling girl.

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