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Christmas Week 2012 - Part Two

Christmas Week Part II
 ... and here is the rest of the story.  On Christmas at one, in addition to having Grandpa, Cheryl, Dad, me, Darby, Ben, Spencer, Emily, Sam and Beckie, we welcomed, Ashley and her family, Davin and his family and Becca and her Family, for a total of 22 peeps.   To the right are Becca and Brady, with Ashley, Zach and Andy, shown below, all at dinner.

I loved this shot of Davin and Bri, because Elias, behind them is putting such a huge amount of Grandpa Scott's amazing mashed potatoes in his mouth!

This is a picture we rarely see of Dad anymore, with the stack of plates as he finishes up everyone's lefts overs ... Spencer is even helping.

Here's another picture that tickled my fancy, Ian, at 11 is the oldest grandson, and here he is teaching Elias and Titan how to pop bubble wrap ... I love the look of amazed adorement on Titan's face, don't you?

 And here are a few general shots taken as everyone opens gifts.

Of course we can always count on Uncle Ben for comic relief, right?

I was thrilled to get this family shot of Ashley and her loved ones.

Becca shows off the amazing tshirt quilt she made out of Brady's old skate boarding shirts from back in the day!!

After opening gifts, Briahnna and Dave rallied the troops to head over to Trevor and Nell's to change out their appliances with the ones that Britt had taken out of her house that was short sold.  She had intended to sell them, but decided it was too much hassel, and since they were a little nicer than what T and N had in their house, and since they (T and N) had picked them up and stored them for Britt, she decided to give them to T and N.  Emily, Britt and Bri decided it would be fun to put them in while T and N were at Christmas with her family out of state.
They all went over, but Dad's only key to their house opened just the back, basement door ... (Read its at the end of a hallway with a couple of stairs then though a laudnry room, down another hall, up a set of stairs ...)  The front door has a keyed dead bolt.  The boys (Spencer and Dave) figured out how to muscle the bigger appliance up onto their deck, and through the door there into their upstairs family room.  They spent the rest of the day and got most of it done.  Then Dave and Bri headed off to see Les Mis, while Spencer, Dad and I watched Elias and Adilyn and watched The Grinch that Stole Christmas with Jim Carey. 
Dad went back on Wednesday (while I was at work) and finished up.

As I mentioned, I worked Wednesday and Thursday, while dad did the install at T and N's as well installing the flat screen TV the kids had given us for Christmas in our bedroom.  Of course he also spent  more time at work on the bathroom renovation.  Emily helped a bit with Grandpa, when dad was off to the hardware store, etc, which we appreciate.

I spent a lot of both days at work, putting together this drawer of Christmas memories.  It was a super fun project, and just makes me happy to look at it.  When I got home on Thursday night, Dad and I watched a Sherlock episode in our room!!
 On Friday, I was home, doing normal home chores, while Dad did more work on the bathroom, then in the evening we watched Sherlock again.  Thanks kids, what a super thoughtful gift, we love how you all work together to make things better for us all.
 On Saturday, Dad and I were off to a long day of movies and meals with Barb for her birthday.  Above we are shown with Jeff and Robin at the movies.  Below it is us with Barb and Randy.  We saw Les Mis, Lincoln, Jack Reacher, Parental Guidance and The Hobbit.  Parental Guidance was my least favorite and Les Mis was my favorite, not surprisingly.

Some of us had dinner at Zupa's ... where I discovered a new favorite soup, their Chicken Enchilada Chili ... YUM.  Dad and I both liked it and will be returning soon I am sure.  I made a knock off version of the soup for our Sunday dinner, surprisingly I had everything I needed on hand except red bell peppers, pretty good eh?

After dinner on Sunday Davin and Bri came over to play games ... Emily and Sam came up too.  I won both games, weirdly, but I guess everyone gets lucky once in a while.

So that was the week of Christmas.  I loved having Dad home all week, even though I had to work a couple of days.  Christmas was awesome, and we hope everyone had as much fun as we did.  Love you all!!

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