Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Week of Chillin, Junking, Reading, Tiling and Speaking in Church

So this is our week ... no new baby, still on the watch for little Charlotte!!  On Monday Dad was off early for some major store resets, leaving me to take grandpa to Nell's.  This was a good day for that because the kids were out of school for Martin Luther King day, and I got to play a Harry Potter game with Scott, then, I got to take Eva and Scott to Maui Chill for some delicious chillling.

I thought Eva's combo was very interesting ... We had a great time visiting and eating the frozen yogurt of course.

On Tuesday Dad took Grandpa to Nell's, and picked him up afterwards, before his shift at the temple.  I pretty much spent the day reading our book for next month's book club so that I could take and loan the book to someone at book club later that week.

On Wednesday I had the extra nice surprise of having Davin and his family drop by to visit.  They were in the neighborhood and saw the van at Treasures.  I loved seeing them.  Elias thought the candy machine was the best part of my store .... lol. And Adilyn was her charming, sweet tempered self.  It was fun to visit!

On Thursday I worked again and it was just as dead as it had been the day before.  Wednesday there had been the freezing rain, and I think people just wanted to stay home. After I got home and made dinner (Dad had gotten off early and had gone grocery shopping, thankfully) then I was off to book  club.  Our book was called the Peach Keeper, and Suzanne had made lots of fun recipes, most of them were just peachy, like peach slush, peach spice sandwich cookies and peach shortbread cookies.  It was all yummy, and we all liked the book, which had been suggested by Ann Shumway, whom, by the way I must mention, we love having back among us.  And if you were wondering they are going to tear down the burned house, keep the lot to build on someday, and are buying another house in Elk Ridge in the meantime.
On Friday I met my sister Joyce in Salt Lake where we did some serious junking, at an estate sale, DI and an antique store, before having lunch and exchanging, I am sorry to say, our Christmas gifts.  I headed home, junking all the way and met Dad and the Heuer/Moes at Sizzler in Orem ... Did you know they don't do their amazing grilled toast anymore?  So sad, too bad.  We finished off the evening watching 'Lend Me a Tenor' at the Hale Center Theater.  It was energetic and a lot of fun!!

On Saturday I did some crafting, napping and reading ... OK, a few chores too, if I am forced to admit it.  The Energizer Bunny finished off the tile in the shower of the main floor bathroom.  He and Emily also wrassled our favorite grandpa into Emily's shower, much against his will ... but we now have a 'fresh grandpa', and Emily even went out and bought him a kind of jogging/leisure outfit that he can sleep in too, since he so hates changing his clothes.    That night, after dinner, Dad and I went down to Emily and Sam's apartment to watch a sleeping baby (and an episode of Sherlock ... a BBC Mystery Production, we are currently into).  Also, regarding Emily and Sam, they have decided to move into our Payson Cottage, and since the renters there have been so bad at rent lately, paying only once in the last 6 months, yes we have been too lax ... we figured it was time to invite them to move.  The renters are actually moving out now and I am a little jealous that Em and Sam get to live in the Park Ward ... such a great, great ward.

Here you can see the mantel I put together to post on my blog about.  The mercury glass finials with the valentine clowns was one of the projects I did Saturday, the candy jars were earlier in the week, and the bird nest in the Victorian Brides Basket to the far left, was also done that day.
Today Dad and I went to church together, and listended to a high counselman and a missionary.  Then we attended Sam's Sunday School class where he announced their move to Payson Cottage.  We had to leave a little early because Dad had roped me into talking with him for his High Counsel assignment, since he had not been able to get a missionary to speak with him.  The ward had a few people we knew, and we got to speak with a friend of Nell's afterwards, a lady that she goes to lunch with once a month, along with other friends.  Very nice people, her husband was the chorister, and did a great job. 
Emily and Sam came up for a visit before dinner, which we will miss in a month or two ... just waiting to hear if Spencer and Brittney plan to occupy the basement apartment.  If they do we will find renters for a 6 month lease, if not, we will just get new renters for the apartment.  Should be interesting either way, though, of course, we will be disappointed if Spencer and Brittney decide not to live there.
So that was our week.  We hope yours was fun and busy too!  Much Love!


  1. Love your Valentine Mantel!

  2. Your home always has those corners of beauty and elegance. Sorry Scott, didn't mean the shower, impressive as it is.