Sunday, January 13, 2013

Almost Snowed in, Flu, a Totaled Car and a New Family Member!

This was another week full of goings and doings and sickness and ending with the addition of another member of the family.  Whoa!  On Monday I was off to my We Can meeting, where we made Valentines for nursing homes.  I made some that were extra fancy so that I could blog about them on my Pollyanna blog.  Since I am delivering them, but not for another month, I decided to attach the fancy ones to a garland with paper clamps, to use for that month as a banner, until its time to deliver them.  Fun idea eh?  Below are the other ladies at We Can, hard at work.

After we can I came home it was time to finish up the flea.o.logy sign and replace it on the fence.  Beckie is always interested in what we are doing and she LOVES to climb... as you see.  That night Dad and I hosted our family home evening group, which was small due to so much illness, but we all had an enjoyable time, none the less. 
Tuesday I drove to Salt Lake to hand out posters and fliers for flea.o.logy to a couple of antique stores with whom I am on friendly terms.  It started with lunch with my old college friend Arlene at the Rio Grand Cafe, in the old train station, so charming.  We have been doing this lunch thing monthly for about 6 months now, which I have very much enjoyed!! (She is Aunt Shirley's sister, can you tell?)
Dad was back to the Provo temple that afternoon for his regular shift, so Aunt Cheryl got to 'hold down the fort', until I got home around 8:00!
Speaking of Dad, he has been crazy busy at work.  He was working on some new organic food sections in several stores, when he got called in by the big bosses, telling him they liked the major resets he did in two stores last year (including Spanish where they removed a couple of isles to make things look tidier and airier) and that they wanted him to do the same to 5 other stores.  The complication is that due to funding issues they have to be done by April 1. YIKES, so now he is hard at that project, leaving the organics in cold storage for a while.
Wednesday and Thursday I went to work and worked on projects for items to sell at flea.o.logy this coming weekend, when things were slow.   Wednesday night, I came home exhausted to a dinner, made as a surprise, by Emily, such a nice thing to do!  Thursday night, after work, I went to Relief Society at Jill Wilson's where we made these cute paper bag banners.  Our new counselor, Andrea, shown in the back with the hat, is a great crafter and blogger, and she is coming up with some fun ideas.  She is also going to be my visiting teaching partner, and we will have 6 ladies ... whoa!
On Friday we got a killer snow storm here, with us, by measure, getting 16 to 18 inches.  (16 is the weather service, 18 was a neighbor's measure)  To the left you see me shoveling the front walk, while below you can see Emily really got into it, doing the driveways!! (ours and theirs)
and when I got into the house after I finished, she had hot cocoa waiting for me...  I love this mug, because it is sisters, a older blond and a younger brunette, just like Emily and Becca. That night we went over to the Kews for dinner and we had planned to watch the latest Batman movie (courtesy of Sam), but none of us really felt that hot.  Dad had a cold, and both of the Kews had been tag teaming some flu symptoms.  Since Dad had the flu the week before (for a couple of hours, as he had had the flu shot, so it didn't hit him too hard.)  I sort of glibly said I was the only one there not to have had the flu at all ... I should have knocked on wood ... because that night it started.  I was up all night with symptoms.  I stayed in bed on Saturday, watching (thanks kids) the 6 hour Pride and Prejudice, while Dad worked on the bathroom.  We were supposed to have family temple night that night, but I knew I wasn't going to be able to go.  Next Trevor texted that they had sick kids and wouldn't be going, then Sam turned up sick, leaving only Dad, Emily, Becca and Brady to go, since Davin and Bri were going to babysit for everyone.  In the end we called it off to be rescheduled.
In other news, Saturday morning, on his way to work, Ben totaled his car as it spun out when he was entering the freeway and hit the guard rails head on.  Trevor feels total sympathy for him, since pretty much the same thing happened to him in December.  Its been a crazy snowy winter, eh?
Today I stayed home, and since Grandpa also has stomach flu, it was a good thing that someone was there to tend him, so to speak.  Dad went to all his meetings and watched Beckie, the climber, during Sunday School while her Dad was teaching Gospel Doctrine and her mom was teaching the 12 to 16 year old Sunday School class.  Here's Beckie in an empty classroom during that time with her grandpa, climbing on what there was available.  She is so funny.
During Church Dad called to say that Becca had had her baby.  Too funny, we had all made jokes last Sunday about her going into labor in the temple on Saturday night ... it might have just happened, eh?  But she realized she was in labor this morning (after erratic contractions on Saturday, evidently) about 6, Brady went off to work, and she called him when her water broke a couple of hours later, she was in the hospital less than an hour when Reagan LaRie Summers was born.  She is 8 lbs and 1 oz, not bad for being 10 days, early, eh?
Emily and Dad went up to see our latest family member after Dad's second church at 4ish. (Hmm, maybe all High Councilmen are sort of like Hobbits?)  Dad snapped these pics ... what a darling baby, and so much more hair than Titan.  She is adorable, and I am so thankful for pics since I don't get to see her until Wednesday, when I am officially no longer contagious.
Welcoming Reagan!

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