Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Year and a New Family Member!

Another week goes down in history and this one takes with it a historic moment ... but we won't get to that until the end of this post ...  Our week started with an early day cleaning out the office storage at work for Scott ... which left me to take Grandpa to day care. at Becca's house this week, as Trevor and Nell weren't back yet.  Here is grandpa reading a book to Titan. I did some errands and DI shopping that day to fill my time, finding Becca some new chairs for her kitchen.  She has been nesting, getting ready for Reagan's arrival, so I hoped she would be happy with the chairs. (By the way she not only liked them, so did Brady!  Yeah!)
That night we celebrated the New Year by watching the latest Batman movie with Emily and Sam at their place ... and I loved it!
We got to hear from Trevor, who had just arrived home, during the movie, saying how excited he and Nell were about the new appliances installed in their kitchen while they were in Arizona.  I love happy endings.
On New Year's day Scott finally got a big chunk of time in working on the bathroom.  He got a lot done, getting the cement board down on the floor, which makes all the difference in how clean it feels now.
Beckie and her mom came up to see me before work on Wednesday.  She is in a climbing phase and Emily and I had fun seeing her climb up in the window seal on the landing.  She was sitting on it, and trying all kinds of postures ... such a funny baby, and such a challenge to keep her safe while she discovers her limitations the hard way.
Wednesday was our anniversary, and Dad took a break from work to surprise me at the antique mall with flowers and lunch from Cafe Rio for both of us.  I was so surprised, and it was lovely to have lunch together and to consider our 38 years together!
Thursday was work for both Dad and I, leaving Emily as Grandpa's day care. We were both happy to come home and find that she had made dinner for us all.  How sweet is she?
On Friday Nell sent me the flea.o.logy flier for our upcoming sale ... I had intended to print it off and take them to antique stores in Salt Lake, but we were out of ink.  Therefore I finished reading my book, which was lovely, by the way.  Its called the False Prince and was published by scholastic.  The author is a Utahn, and I think  its her first book.  Very well done.
I did get the dealer emails sent out and included the flier for everyone to print off and post around town.  I got several comments on how nice it is.  I love it too!  Way to go Nell!
That evening Dad and I met up with the Heuers and Moes for some Chinese and a movie in American Fork! 
On Saturday I had hoped to get to Salt Lake and deliver the fliers, but Scott had other ideas, needing to get more cement board from Home Depot, his new home away from home.  I ended up taking down all of Christmas, so that was definitely a good thing.  Then Dad and I were off for the ever romantic event of buying the tile for the bathroom at Home Depot, then we made a stop for more groceries at Macey's
Sunday morning came early with our new 9:00 AM time, which I really do like.  We didn't manage to get Grandpa there, though, as we had yet been able to wrest him into a shower, and the fact that our new schedule leaves us with no one to sit with Grandpa in Priesthood. (Scott can now come to our sacrament meeting, so we can both sing in the choir, but he has to leave the last hour as 'his' high counsel assigned ward has their ward counsel that hour.)  Still working on that glitch.
After church Dad and I went to choir practice, then he headed to his other ward, while I went home to make my salad.
When he got back we all headed to Pleasant Grove for a bi-weekly family dinner.  Nell and Trevor hosted us for home made pizza.  Trevor has come a long way from the days, or should I say years, that he willingly made pizza for us all on Sundays .... such happy memories.  His array of pizza was amazing, with something for everyone, and even dessert pizzas to finish up.  I guess he was celebrating his last day of 'youth' since he was to turn 32 the next day!  Happy Birthday to my adored first son!!

We all had a great time ... see Scott above wearing his Kermit hat, oh and he also sang 'Why are there so many songs about rainbows' in his Kermit voice!  Becca borrowed Adilyn to try out the fit of her new 'wrapper' she had made for Reagan.

Spencer brought Brittney and we all made the decision that she should be called Brittney since most of have routinely called his sister Brittany, Britt.  So hopefully that will help cut out some confusion.  Spencer even showed off Elias' reading skills to Brittney.  Here is Elias below playing with Nell's refrigerator magnet letters! 
Fun swapping of pregnancy stories occurred and playing with a clown nose ... good old fashioned fun for all!
Eva adores Brittney, and has ever since she and Spencer babysat Eva and her sibs about a month ago.
It was a lovely get together, catching up, and sharing.  When Dad, Grandpa and I got home, we tucked Grandpa into his nice warm  bed, then settled ourselves down for the first Downton Abbey of the season, which we loved.  During the show we were grateful we had tivoed it, because we were able to pause when Spencer called to say that he and Brittney had become officially engaged after the family dinner.  Of course we are all thrilled, Brittney is such a beautiful and, as Spencer would say, 'quality' young woman.  Welcome to the family Brittney, we love you already!

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