Monday, January 21, 2013

A Busy Week with NO New Family Members (Brittany?!)

Another busy week gone by, but no new family members this week ... though we do have high hopes for this coming week.  :-)  On Monday, Dad took Grandpa to Nell's on his way to work.  He also put up posters for flea.o.logy on the community boards of 5 difference Macey's!!  I walked up to the library and got my book club book.  I came home and snuggled in in the library and read it, cover to cover.  On Tuesday I headed to Salt Lake to pick up the little cupboard I bought last week for our up and coming bathroom!!  Here we see my friend Marci, who works at Vinestreet, where I bought it, hauling out the bottom part to get it loaded!  Dad had the temple that night, so Cheryl kept an eye on Grandpa for a couple of hours, until I got back from Salt Lake.
Wednesday was a work day for me, but I took my baby gifts for Reagan and wrapped them while at work.  The sunset, much less colorful here than in real life, is what I get treated to at Treasures in the evenings this time of year.  After work I was off to Highland to see Reagan for the first time.  I was sick the weekend she was born, and according to info on line I would be contagious until Tuesday, so I made plans to visit her after work Wendesday.
Here she is in one of the outfits I got her.  Its a 'First Valentines' newborn size, so it will just fit her for about a minute ...  She is so sweet, and I think her cry sounds like a kitten ... Becca says she thinks its screaming,  so we have agreed to disagree, but everyone agrees she is a sweet and beautiful baby!  Afterward I got to run over to Maui Chill for some yummy frozen yogurt ... maybe its a good thing we don't live closer ... I think I could eat it every day!
On Thursday I was almost late for work because I had to make this door hanger so I could take pictures in daylight, as I had to blog about it that night ...  Emily laughed and laughed at me, which is OK, I sort of laugh at myself.  Its been a lot easier to blog since I have cut my entries to three times a week from the six times a week I did last year (March through Dec)
That night was some kind of deadline for Sam's company, so he had reps turning in info all evening.  He had to be upstairs because the basement phone reception is not the best, and he could not miss any calls.  In the end Dad went up to bed, and Emily and I went to their apartment where we watched three episodes of the Big Bang Theory, which she and Sam are currently enamored with.
Friday morning Emily and her assistant came up to watch grandpa ... here we see her assistant checking out the hymn book.  I was off to Olson's Garden Shoppe which hosted our flea.o.logy sale this past weekend.  Set up was from 10 to 10 on Friday ... yawn ... but lets just say, the shopping ops are amazing!!  Dad got off work a bit early to help out, he brought me dinner, and added a new middle O to our fleaology sign, which got hung and frosted out in the cold. (shown below) Thanks for your support Honey!!
Satuday was the big day of the sale.  Nell is my partner in the business now, and managed to sell a bunch of jewelry, like double her normal take, as well as selling some really cute animal topped jars ... Spencer sent Emily to sell Hatchet Eye Wear for half of the day and he and Brittney came to finish up the shift ... here we see Nell modeling his wares while he looks on.  How did I not get a picture of Brittney?!!

Mean while, after the crazy man ran in 7 degrees of coldness, he brought Nell, Emily and me some breakfast at flea.o.,logy before going home to saw tile in the freezing cold temps .... burrr (this included wet hand because the tile saw is 'cooled' with water.)  Look how great the shower is looking so far!!  When he came to help me take down around 5, his tile saw froze and  so he brought it into the kitchen ... which actually worked out fine, and I felt a lot better about his poor hands.
On Sunday I got to speak in church as part of the Relief Society Presidency, of which I am not a part, but as the secretary was out of town, they asked me to fill in and talk about our humanitarian projects, which I head up.  After church Emily came up and made family dinner, which was lovely for all.  Only Trevor's family came, but we had a nice dinner with just the 12 of us.  :-)
Grandpa's beard has gotten pretty long, since we have not taken him to church for a couple of week, as we are still figuring out how we can have someone to sit with him in Priesthood when Dad is off to the ward cousel of the ward he oversees.  It looks like Dana DeWitt will be sitting with him in the future ... but alas he is looking a bit like Grisley Adams at the moment.
After everyone went home Dad and I snuggled in with Aunt Cheryl to watch Downton Abbey ... ah the good life.


  1. Reagan is beautiful! Running AND Cutting the tile in this horribly cold weather sounds like the height of misery. Maybe his nerve ending are old and he can't feel it like the rest of us! Either that, or he is nutso!
    Did you know I am a Downton Abbey fan?!?! I have now watched all of the first three seasons! (I cheated!)

    1. How did you cheat? I've only watched the first season.

    2. Thanks Barb, we like her and she has been a great baby so far.