Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Events Leading Up to and Including Our Farewell

What a week. So much to do and so much emotion as we say a temporary goodbye to those we love so much!! 
Monday started with my last walk with LaVern ...
 I worked on finishing up projects to prepare for our mission. I also met 'Jenny Weasley'. Well, actually Brooklyn, Eva's new Friend!! Eva's into Harry Potter at the moment. 
She's also into story writing. We've loved our visits from our cute grands to the third floor! 

That night Davin's family came down to help with the great fridge shuffle. A new fridge at Broadstone, then the old fridge to Payson cottage, which bumped the even older fridge to the curb with a free sign. 

Here's a screen shot of Dad's list of his doings for the day. 
After all that, we all went to Eli's for ice cream!! 
Where I ran into the Mayor, who made me feel more confident about the survival of Broadstone. . 
The next day, while I was at work Dad picked up and hung this sign I'd had made last week, you know, just in case .... And yes, I caught the unnessisary apostrophe, but too late. 
Tuesday was one of three work days, where I worked on getting the van full of stuff culled from the house into the mall, while trying to clean and organize my booths at the same time .... This booth had been a mess for months ...
After work I went and got my last shot, this is me with my shooter!! 

Next I picked up Scott's cousin Jerry and we did four more visiting teaching visits. 
Last of all I went home to 'attend' an online Usbourne book party' !! What fun. 
Dad had his last shift at the temple that night and got to lead the session our ward attended.  
Wednesday morning was my last walk with Ginny!! 

Then I headed to Salt Lake for my third and final procedure on my knees.  I got done in time ...
To meet up with Dad for his retirement party at the Associated offices. 
Here's Dad's cake, highlighting his interest in fishing and running. 
After lunch Barb suggested a sort of roast. Everyone stood and told a story about Dad. He says that was his favorite part. 
Here he is with Aunt Karen and Uncle Vern. 
These are all former Maceys associates, and several of them spoke during the program. 
Here are my girls who came. 
And Dave Davis was there too. 
Nate Laver was there from Dad's days at the Store, way back when. 
I hit 100 Pokemon that day, the perfect number to quit with. 
I worked again Thursday.  I did more clean up and filled my last of the eighteen bins with product to be put out while I'm gone.   Dad surprised me by coming by with Cafe Rio!!  Yeah!! 
I worked again on Friday and the girls brought goodies and signed a card for my last day!!  How nice are they?? 
Here are Rosemary and Gretchen with the card. 
That evening we gathered at the Summer's for Madison's first birthday celebration. 
Nenna wore her wizard robe and cast spells ... It was pretty cute. 
She got her Dad good!! 
Here's Madi before ...
And after. No wonder Darby calls her squish. 
Darby and Bri and Dad too. 
Madi loved the bear she got from Uncle Ben and Aunt Hannah. 
Uncle Spencer liked playing wheelbarrow with her. 
Me re fun groupings. 

Time to go.. We laughed at Ben's flip flops and shorts, while Hannah wears boots and a coat!! 
Bright and Earny ...
Wendy and I were off to Vintage Whites ...  Here's Jenn. 
And here's Kim!  So fun! 
So many great things to see!! Such a perfect last junking day for me!! 

Sunday was our farewell. Dad and I were both assigned to talk about the Lord's will and timing. It was great to see so many friends and family!!  
Look how cute these girls are, all matching!! 
Dad with his friend Clark. 
The Perkins and the Kews! 
Here's Dad with three of his Mission President's children and his first companion. 

The expanded Heuers  and Moes ...
The Moehokins. 
Perkins and Evans 
Here some Moe' pictures 
Loved this one of Eleanor and Madi that Dad took. 
Me with Jann and Joanne. 
JoLynn, Clark, Arlene, me and Dianne!  

Following are pictures I asked Ben and Hannah to take. Thanks you guys!! 
Kristin and Madi
Becca, Kristin and Madi. 
Spencer and Brittney. 
Second cousins playing 
Arlene and Shirley. 
Doug and Shirley 
Bruce and Dianne 
Spencer and Britt. 

We missed pictures of Ross  and Julie as they left right from church. 

And if anyone has pics of Davin and Bri and family, please send them to me. I guess they left before Ben got a photo of them. 
And last of all Doug and Shirley take custody of my Mother's Utah Mother of the Year Statue ... 

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