Sunday, September 11, 2016

Floats and Friends and Football.

Another week full of memories in the making.  Eva and her Grandpa started it off by winning third place in their respective divisions in the Onion Days 5K. Trevor paced them but the competition In his age group was stiffer. 

Then it was time for the parade.  Trevor ran into Justin Snell from the Orem Ward who now lives in Payson  with his wife and almost three children. 
Steve and Terry came over too. I spent the whole parade walking up and down with a petition to save our house!!  Yeah, exhausting.  
This was my favorite float, not surprisingly. 
Here is the parade crowd. 
After the parade Fox, Channel 13 came and interviewed Dad about the proposed house demo. 
That evening the Kews invited us over for Brauts. 
That was fun!!  Penny was really getting serious about this walking thing!! 

Loved this picture of Steve and Lu. 
Having Trevor's family with us is very fun. I love when they wander up for visits. We try to stay out of their hair, so we hope they're enjoying us a bit too.   

Briahnna came again to help with organizing and getting boxes out. We've tried to move our stuff to make room.  We appreciate all the support that we're getting to make this mission happen, so thanks all.   

I worked Tuesday, as did Dad. Then he had his regular temple shift. 

We worked on reading the scriptures in Finnish when he got home. I think this is the most fruitful Finnish language work I do. 
On Wednesday it was my art group meeting. 
Such fun girls. 
Here's Kim's finished project. I just visited as I don't really need more Halloween at the moment,  as what I have  won't see the light of day for two years. 
I hit DI and captured some Pokemon on the way home, then took pics of the Payson  house so Dave can get it listed. 
I walked with Ginny on Thursday, and got to see her pretty peaches. 
Then at Darrin's request I searched for pictures for Dad's retirement video. Darrin sent me this one that he found. It's an oldie, as Dad switched to Maceys on March 12, 1985. He worked for the store from 1969, with time off for his mission and the guard, until he was hired on at  Macey's in 85. Which was coincidentally also Darrin Pierce's hire on year for Macey's. He worked as a dairy stocker initially. He later married Ken Macey's daughter, which helped his career. Now he's the district manager over the Southern stores, and one of Dad's bosses. 

Of course as it was Thursday I also worked. 
When I got home Dad and I watched Dave and Bri's kids over night while they had a romantic getaway in SLC 
Here we're having a movie night! (Though Elias insisted it wasn't a movie night because it wasn't dark yet!) 
Here are the girls having breakfast in my room the next day. 
I had a headache and took a pain pill and lay down until it took. Not!  I feel asleep for two hours.  I did feel better when I awoke!   

When I left to help Lyn load in at 3 Dotters, Eleanor was releasing the grass hopper she'd taken to School for bug day on Thursday.  She was so gentle. It was sweet 
Of course seeing dealer friends is always good. The Pleasant Grove rec is a poke stop and I got to capture more Pokemon while carrying in Lyn's goodies!! 
I thought the name of this new dealer's business was cute. The Posh Emporium. 
Later Dad and I met up with Stina and her girls and Mom for dinner.  I know Dad loved meeting her mom and visiting in Finnish. I thought it was fun to catch an occasional word I knew!! 
The next morning I was off to meet Wendy at 3 Dotters. Here I am with Lyn!! 
Here's Wendy meeting a friend f Jann's I've gotten to know. 

We had a lot of fun, and Wendy and I both  bought more than we should have ... We had lunch at the spaghetti factory, Wendy loves their mazithera cheese and butter spaghetti and she's got me hooked too. 
I got home around two as I'd forgotten that Dad had picked up a temple shift. Ah well I definitely needed down time. 

Then we dressed in red and white and headed north. 
It was the BYUtah game ...  We had a lovely steak dinner, thanks Jeff and Robin for the wonderful steak. Barb and Robin  gathered lots of red and blue treats, and we brought a pathetic salad. 

We watched one of our guilty pleasures, a Halmark romance, then speed watched the game Jeff had recorded. (Utah 20 BYU 19)   It was a super fun evening. We'll miss these wonderful friends over the next 18 months!! 

We had a great church experience this morning. I feel bad we won't get to meet all the people in our newly combined ward, but I know we'll have the chance when we get home. 

After church Dad and I played Scrabble with these fun  kids.  Then we had naps before ...

Heading to the last concert in the park for the season. 
How cute is this girl!! 
It was a lovely ending to a memorable week!! 

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