Sunday, September 4, 2016

Life Changing Moments for Many of Us

This has been a week of milestones for many in our family. 
It started with Elias' first day of school, home school kindergarten that is, and he looks entirely happy about that!! 
Titan, the second of our first set of Grand Triplets, as Dad calls them, also started Kindergarden that day!! 

My Monday included walking with LaVern Crump for the first time since my arthritis flare last spring. Then I ran to Salt Lake for a check up on my knee procedure!  I saw a video of me walking, haltingly, before the procedure and then the one taken that day,  6 weeks later walking fairly normally. 

I got home in time for my Finnish tutoring lesson. I can now say "I know that God loves me, I know that God loves you! " in Finnish, with pauses for remembering associations, like, Tiedan is Finnish for 'know' so I recall my pneumonic "since Ryan got married, Tia now knows Dan"  yeah, I've a long way to go. (Dan is Ryan's cousin.)

That night Trevor and Nell invited us to have a Family Home Evening with them. Here Eva and Eleanor lead the music together. 
On Tuesday afternoon the third of the grand triplets was off to Kindergarden at Barnett elementary, where her Uncle Spencer attended 5th and 6th grade.  

I worked that day, and got some goodies priced and boxed for Fleaology on Saturday!  

Dad worked and did his temple shift of course. 

On Wednesday I was off to SLC to see Dr Riggs and have my second set of injections. Hoping they work as well as the first. 
Of course I went to DI after that and ran into my dear friend Marci. 
She found this wonderful old piano.  In great shape and with all working keys. She negotiated with her husband by phone, and I googled it ... 
To find that it was actually of the first generation of upright grands, from 1880. Whoa ... I didn't know they made them before 1900  but we were both impressed by the aesthetic designs it included that we both knew were from the 1880s. 

We had a great visit. 
Afterwards I went up to the temple quarry site in Little Cottonwood Canyon because I'd researched on line and found it was supposed to be a great site for finding more rare Pokemon ...  I did 'see' some amazing ones there but poor cell coverage there kept me from 'getting' them ... 😒
Later I saw this Ultra Ball rolling around in real life, though, that was fun. 
Meanwhile in Idaho this cutie was off for her first day of Preschool!!   

Thursday was another day of work for me. Of course I got more stuff loaded up for Fleaology. 
Then that night we met up with Ron and LaVern to see 'Into the Woods'.
One of the beautiful step sisters, shown to the right of Dad, is Dr Money's daughter.  She said she remembered how to say Santa Claus in Finnish!  I wonder if our kids know any at all? 
Here I am with Perry and Carrissa Ewell who lived in our ward in Orem, Dad was their first bishop as a married couple!!  They actually met playing in a production at Payson Community Theater, more than 20 years ago.  

 He played the Narrator, who is later fed to the Giantess and she played the baker's wife. (He is also LaVern's nephew) 
I thought Red was amazing. 
Dad had picked up Zach after school that day, and Nell agreed to watch him while we attended the play. Here we see a kind and patient Scott helping him with his home work!! 
On Friday morning, fortunately while Scott was still home, a leg slipped off the tub while I was in it!!  Can you tell by the slanting water line?   He propped it up on boards, but the fall separated the drain mechanism slightly from the tub so that even though it's level again with the stack of boards, it's unusable until further notice 😒
Bri came to help some more!!  Thanks Bri! She's been amazingly helpful and it also means there is lots of fun cousin time.     

I took Zach to school and then headed to start...
setting up at Olson's for Fleaology.  
I was pretty exhausted when I hit the sack that night (I did run and get Zach, and he finished the day with Trevor's family and then later with Dad who even brought me some dinner. Because he's cool like that!) 
Good morning to m last Fleaology ... Here a customer wanders by carrying almost all the currently hot collectibles, an old suitcase and antique typewriter would finish off the set!  !! 
I love the dealers I get to know in this business.  In this group chatting away ... Are Jeff Carter,  antique dealer and glass cutter, humorous administrator for Utah's largest Facebook Group, and Mormon Bishop, Clam Lynch,  graphic artist, tattooed man, neighborhood philanthropist and antique dealer, and then there's Sheri of C and S Co-op, fabulous upholsterer and antique dealer, whose life partner Karla is a certified electrician who makes light fixture from random metal junk!!!   I love the amazing people  one gets to rub shoulders with in this business 
Here's someone else I've come to appreciate. Brad Olson is the owner of Olsons Garden Shoppe. He and Chris  have hosted 5 fleaologys now!! Oh and he's the current bishop of the old Park Ward. 
It was a terrific site for a flea market!! 
Becca came by to visit, how fun is that?  I loved it. 
She got to see Luanne Wignell who was her Primary teacher when she was 7.  
And Chris Olson who was her Young Women's leader when she was 14!! 
Here are Jane and Brent York discussing how to fight Udot in the proposed tear down of our houses  (mine and Coralee's) (CoraLee works at the Garden Shop) 
Meanwhile Dad took  Zach up to the Onion Days events in the park. On the way home ...
They checked out the open house at the fire station. 
Zach loved it all. 

Then they came to help me load out. 
The show was a little slow and literally a third of our dealers canceled within the last couple of weeks before the show including 3 no shows ... 😕

But Nell and I are showing our happy faces ☺️ as its the last show, at least for a couple of years. 
After a short nap and a weird attack of laryngitis  we ended up at this charming Italianish bistro in Provo with the Kews.  
It's called the Oregano and AJ Hurst, a former ward member, is a chef there!! He came over to hug his old Bishop!!  
Dad and I had a coconut shrimp dish that was amazing. Steve had a cacao rubbed steak dish that was also delish!! 
This morning Dad and Zach were off to church, while I stayed home with my laryngitis, lucky me.  
That evening the three of us walked up to the concert in the park, where the music competed with the noisy carnival!! Very fun. 


  1. Nice to see that Scott has some leftie grands - well at least one i.e., Eleanor. Wondering if there are others? Nell looks great, love the short doo. Wow, no idea Ut. Co. was so diverse. And I need to write a letter to those UDOT house wreckers!

  2. Actually I have maybe 5 lefties in the next generation so far. Brittany and Ashley were my only lefties. (Those in their right mind.)

  3. Gosh I only had one leftie and so far I don't think I have any grands that are lefties but most haven't chosen yet!

    Fun to see the Ewells. I wish I'd known....I would have tried to go! Is the play still running? I'm imagining not....

    sorry about the tub! That must have been a shocker!