Monday, October 26, 2015

Wonderful Witchy Week!

So Monday for me was spent getting ready for my witches party the next day ... that included a lot of cleaning, and dusting, sweeping and vacuuming.  and of course decorating!!

 I introduced my new witch to Elphaba, they seem to get along just fine!!
 I finished up the witch shoes I paper mach'ed last week, with some glitter, a whole bottle full in fact.
Then I set the table, so all would be ready for the next day!

Dad and I even took the time to go to the care center and present a family home evening that night.  Dad had bought a could of LDS games, that we shared with them.  We even gave out candy for prizes, I think they all had a good time.

 Then it was time for witches to arrive ... we started with Cruella DeVille!  

This is Jann and Ann
 These sweet witches are Trudy, Trina and Trish couldn't come, so this is Joanne.

This is Andrea, the witch doctor and Ginny as Samantha ... she could really twitch her nose!
 A different Joanne, Laurie and Patti.
 Here are a pair of Shirleys ... Carolyn Shirley and Shirley Hatfield, I am the real McCoy, of course.

Above is Pippi the sourthern witch, my friend Sherri Oldham ... such a fun woman can you tell?

To the right is the friendly witch Kim, who invited me to her witches' tea last week.
 The party was lots of fun, but I was exhausted when all was said and done ... I managed to nap in my chair for a couple of hours afterwards.

Of course Dad worked the full day, came home and emptied the seats out of the blue van so he could use it to haul the next day, then he did his regular shift at the temple!!
 On Wednesday, I left early for work so I could stop off in Provo to see the house that Trudy just finished flipping. The sale closed that afternoon so it was my only chance to see the amazing transformation they pulled off.  Now Dad and I are thinking of hiring her hubs to come do the insulation and sheet rock in the attic bedroom.
 I clearly had witchy on the brain, because I transformed this antique school picture into a school for witches picture at work.

That night Dad and I finally got a chance to see the Downton Abbey that had aired Sunday.

 I did the two collages of our bedroom and library before work on Thursday for an Instagram share.

That night, after making dinner for Dad and Cheryl, I headed to Elk Ridge for Book Club. We had read The Woman in White, which was one of the earliest mystery novels.  It was written by a friend of Charles Dickens and was serialized in Dicken's literary magazine of the day.  Kind of a fun, if wordy, read.

Dad brought home this 'witch' from work that day ... keeping with our week of witches!

 On Friday I was up early to hook up with Laura Gray for a day of junking.

We headed straight to Centerville for this estate sale, because I wanted to hit a shop in Bountiful, I'd committed to visit.

This sale was great, I got a bunch of pyrex and about 15 old flower frogs for a buck and half each.

 Next we stopped at Madeleine L' Amour on main in Bountiful.  Its a lot like Dear Lizzie in Alpine, but with more French influence.

Laura and I then visited my friend Vicki's house in Bountiful and shopped her garage ... yes, she's a dealer too.

Another estate sale, then we topped off our girls' day out with a  late lunch at Crown Burger.

After I dropped her off, I stopped at the DI in Sugarhouse...
and met up with my 'witch' of the day ....  They are doing a prize drawing, if you post on social media with certain hashtags, then you could win this, once a movie prop, guy ... no desire to own him, the selfie is the only bit I want ....

That night dad was off to the BYU Game. 

 On Saturday, I was off to work, while Dad went to watch Darby at a horse show in Salem.

 Then he worked on the front of the garage roof for a couple of hours before heading to the BYU game where he met up with these heavenly creatures ....

I meanwhile was working at the mall ... long day ... but good sales!

Afterwards Dad and I went to see Once I was  Beehive   and enjoyed it.  I think they did a good job of nailing what LDS girl's camps are like!

On Sunday I was off to our ward before joining Dad at one of the care centers for Sacrament meeting ... I parked behind the vans that belong to the home and felt sort of incognito, like when Barbara Streisand and Ryan O'Neil, drive a Volkswagen bug up on a car carrier full of bugs to hide from people chasing them ...

 After church we had a nice visit from Spencer and Brittney.  They've been elsewhere or sick on weekends, and busy with school and work on weekdays, and we've really not seen them much for about a month!   So that was nice ... then we got ready for the family dinner, which with all the Halloween decor around, sort of became a costume party.
 At least it gave us a chance to see the grands' costumes, so they don't have to trek all the way down here on Halloween.  And here we have the cutest witch of the week.
 We had some pretty over the tops costumes ...
cute hipsters, eh?

Davin is a Yoga Instructor, whose married to a Fox .. the kids were, Captain America, a Princess and a Giraffe, respectively.
 Here Orville Redenbacher and his fan a Super Heroine.

A cute shot of Davin and Adi
 A Fox with a borrowed cub.
 Gru reads his story book, make by Nell.
 Cousin time.

Captain America ...
 My Boys
 My Girls.

... and a panorama shot by Trevor, just for fun!

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  1. Way to make your life memorable! I adore your blog and witnessing your life! What a good idea to have a costume party with your family BEFORE Halloween! So smart! We would have gone to the movie with you! Call us silly girl! Is Downton Abbey good this season? I usually wait until it comes out on DVD. Kind of sad to say good-bye to the Crawleys!