Sunday, October 4, 2015

Driving to North County Again and Again

On Monday I started the week off getting errands done. I had some picture frames and a mirror to take to Nell, her frames and the mirror she dibbsed last week

I visited for almost an hour and noticed Nell's  socks didn't match. She said she needed to do laundry, then I looked at my feet and I was still wearing my toe cut off socks I put on after my heal balm .... With my flip flops. Oooops yep I'm a dork! 

Nell later posted the pic above on IG with "it's beginning to look a lot like laundry day!"  LOL  

Next I took a frozen Lasagna to our new mom, with whom I didn't get to visit, because she had a head ache. 😕

Of course I did some shopping while I was out, big surprise that. 

That night Dad and I watched the second Downton Abbey this season. Yeah!! 
Tuesday Emily sent me this picture ... So fun.  Happens to us all! 
Also on Tuesday I walked with Ann again, then came home and spent hours painting a cabinet I'm doing for the ROCC show on the 17th, then I hurried and cleared the dining room table (left overs from the garage cleaning from the previous Saturday) so I could put together this centerpiece!  Yep I'm driven by decor, evidently. 
You can also see the torn strip garland I made and hung on the faux fireplace in this picture. 
Here's the completed cabinet. It was missing the door when I got it and I used this old window I've had hanging in my room for 7 years!  A little sad to say good bye. 

Of course Dad was at the temple that evening, but I had dinner ready when he got home around 11 
On Wednesday I thought I worked,  (I'd traded to go to the Round Top show and Emily's. When it didn't happen that one day got missed in trade backs) but when I got there I realized my mistake. Still I needed to empty the van of stuff I found to sell clearing the garage on cleaning day because we were taking chairs and tables to Trevor's the next day for Nell's surprise party. I was there almost 5 hours just clearing the van, along with cleaning, pricing and placement. Whoa. So I had a chance run to DI where several old children's books had just come out, I found two that are worth 100-200 each! 

I then ran home to make Cheryl dinner before Dad and I headed to north county to the Timpanogos temple to go through with Austin Moe when he got his endowments, in preparation for serving a mission. It was really lovely, he had a lot of support.  
Thursday morning I walked with Ginny. I was stunned by the beauty of my Virginia Creeper on the east fence, and so I snapped a pic to share. 

It was a real live work day, so I worked, putting out more stuff I'd gotten in the door the day before, but hadn't priced etc. 
After work  I headed to Nell's surprise party. Trevor and Nell's friends did a great job, it was beautiful, and there were lots and lots of Nell's friends and family there.

 Brittany had driven down to surprise Nell. She also gathered money for a sweet purse Nell wanted, but because it wouldn't arrive by the party she put together this diet coke cake as a place holder.  Everyone loved it! 
Here's a couple of my girls. 
And a few of my boys too! 

Zach likes the eats! 
And Nell likes her present from me and Dad. 
A good time was had by all ... 

Here is my  picture of most of my girls!! 
And this is my kids and spouses and some grands who attended. Thanks for the picture Nell 
Here is Nell with her cheer squad. Her mom and sisters and her Mom's best friend. "Fight Like A Girl" is a support slogan for ovarian cancer!  Brittany brought Nell's preggers sister Leslie down from Boise too and it was a lovely surprise. Tami and Arlene had left Phoenix at 2:00 A.M. And drove all day to surprise her!    

Dad and I and the Kews went to the Olive Garden in Provo on our way home!! 
On Friday it was fun errands. I ran into Springville to check out RHouse's Halloween Open House.  
But their non Halloween goodies were fun too. Then I went to DI, The Dollar Store, Pebbles in My Pocket  and  Hobby Lobby, yes I did. 
Arlene, Dad, J. Scott and Trevor went to see BYU win another game. This year they have only won games Trevor attended. Hmmmm 

On Saturday I watched Conference and took copious notes!  Dad tiled in the attic while he listened. 

It was fun to hear that Davin had guessed right on Elder Rasband being one of the three new apostles. Dad texted Elder Rasband's year book picture to the kids since he went to school with him. That was fun. 

Between sessions we ran to PG to pick up the chairs and tables, then I ran into DI in AF because that is what I do. I ran into Nell and her Mom and Trish Otis and Lyn Wright too, she's a dealer I met at  the last Three Daughters sale!  Good times!! 
After Dad and 3 of his boys went to the Preisthood session of conference, I painted this galvanized cow shape I found at Hobby Lobby!  $11 buckeroos

The name Blossom is in reference to the cow we had when I was growing up! Pretty sure she wasn't black and white. Julie? 

Today we watched conference again, and we both took notes. It was an amazing experience, I was in tears a lot!  It just feels so wonderful to feel the spirit until you over flow.  Of course Elder Holland's talk on mothers was a hard one for me. But the story about the young missionary with same sex attraction was just amazing. 
Also today,  Britts family is participating in a wedding in the mid west. Edi's sister's daughter got married. Charlotte was a flower girl. 
Such a pretty dress for the pretty girl.  Nice picture Brittany!! 
This is all the second cousins, grand children of Edi and her sister. 
I love this picture of the flower girls !!  

So that was our week!! We both kept anxiously engaged. We are sure you did too! 

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  1. Can I say I loved every picture in this post! Can't even comment on my favorite! Cause they are all FAVORITE! Thanks for coming to Austin's Endowment!