Monday, October 19, 2015

Flying Horses, Witches's Tea and Reclaimology!

Yep another week has become history!  It started with me walking with LaVern. Then I was off to work. Here's a random pic of one of my booths that day. 

I'd put dinner in the crockpot before work, so evening was easy, topped off with watching Downton Abbey! 
On Tuesday I sent off a package of dollar t shirts to Emily to solve the William crisis. He'd gotten new Pjs with super Heroes on them and taking them off had became a battle. 

I'd checked out three DIs and had come up with 5 superhero Ts. I mailed them Tuesday, then did some DI shopping before heading home for an evening of reading, as Dad was at the temple.  
On Wednesday I worked and got these shoes paper mached for my up coming witch party. 
I also got some pics off our survalence video of the man whose card I forgot to run. .... Yikes if I don't find him I get to pay $106.   He was super nice and someone saw him get in an Alpine School district truck, so Barb, who works for ASD is going to their facility that the trucks work from to show his picture around. Isn't she an awesome friend? 
Speaking of blurry pics from videos,  I screen shot this from the video Emily sent of William opening his super hero shirt package. So fun to watch! 

That night Dad and I watched more Old Home Love on DIY. I sure hope their show makes the numbers so they can make some more!! 

On Thursday I worked again and got the van loaded with some goodies for the show this weekend. 
After work I headed to Salt Lake to attend a witches' tea hosted by Kim Holmes, a new friend who I met at my last Fleaology. ( I also met her briefly at Vintage  Whites in February when I bought a patriotic rosette from her!)
There were probably some 40 witches gathered to share the fun. 
The food was great and I loved her decorating.  Lots and lots of it. 
I met her friend Elle who has a vintage boutique in Bountiful, it sounds similar to Dear Lizzie!! I can't wait to see it! 
Friday was crazy.  I hauled the stuff iI'd brought home Thursday from the van so I could load up the tables, screens and even a cupboard by my self.  Then I loaded the stiff from treasures along with stuff from my garage!   Then I ran to Treasures where a dealer had brought in cheap and dirty dug bottles, I headed home and  
Scrubbed them up and put poisin labels on them .... 
I also made spooky paper weights.  
Then I hauled it all to the red barn at Thanksgiving Point and set up for the show... Meeting new dealers is super fun, touching base with old friends is great too!! 
All the Scotts had gone to see BYU win again!! 
Saturday morning Dad came to do some finishing touches on the cupboard and we found this cool light fixture, probably for the kitchen!! 
My friend Shirley came by and bought a 'sit for a spell' chair I'd painted up. Sadly it was the only furniture I sold. 
Friends Laurie and Patti stopped by. 
As did these sweet hearts! 
Kimi Holmes and her friend dropped by too! (Kimi is in the right) 
Saturday was also Sam's birthday!  Happy Birthday Sam!! He and Emily took the kids to the flea market where the kids got pony rides ... I hear Bekie wanted to ride one with wings!  

After the show Trevor and J Scott came to load me out!!!  Thanks guys!  Dad had worked on the attic bathroom sheet rocking, then headed to an extra temple shift he's picked up. 

After loading  I went and babysat, well, I was an adult while Scott and Eva mostly took care of our bright shiny Penny!!  Nell and Trevor headed out to the temple! 
Today Britt sent me some cute pics.  In this one we see Charly's developing her sense of style!! 
And look at this cute dad!  Thanks Britt!  

It was a quiet day, dad was off early to his meetings. I got to be at Justin Biggler's mission farewell, and I taught Relief Society, on President Benson's Talk on Feed My Sheep  

   I loved the story about the man President Benson encouraged back into activity when he was a member of a stake presidency in Boise, Idaho. Later the man said ‘Brother Benson, I’ll never live long enough to thank you for coming to my home that Sunday afternoon. I am now a bishop. I used to think I was happy, but I didn’t know what real happiness was.’”

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