Sunday, October 11, 2015

Putting Payson on the Map!

We passed another quiet week here at home, and managed to make a few fun memories along the way. 
I got at it on Monday walking with Lavern. It had been more than a month as we both, alternately had conflicts for four weeks. Then I headed to my We Can meeting.  Here we are lined up assembly line style to stuff Christmas socks for soldiers. 
These are the literally stuffed socks. We also added another 6 feet to the tree Garland we did last Month. 

After We Can I borrowed Dave and Bri's truck and ran to SLC to buy a fridge and stove for Payson Cottage with Dad 
After work Ben came down and helped poor broken Dad load them in and the old ones out!!  Here they are recovering from their exertions! 
The next morning I took the rejects to the recycler and made a whopping $7 for the Church's Temple Patron fund. (with the money we got for Cheryl's cans last week, though, it added up to $50!) 
When I took the truck back I got to see Elias' scars from his hernia operation last week. He's a champ!  
I stopped and did grocery shopping and got some fall mums for the garden house. The other flowers had died and looked awful. 
That night, when Dad was at the temple, I went to the premiere of Old Home Love at the Start Up Building in Provo here I am with the a couple of Reclaimologist friends and Andy and Candice. 
I ran into Brittney's old BYU professor again, shown with her little boy here who is checking out a sucker from the Start Up candy folks!! 

On Wednesday I took in the Bess E Gourley painting I'd found over the weekend!!  She was a BYU art professor, who is famous for her floral water colors. She used to give out 8x10 and smaller originals to her friends and visiting teachers all the time. The small ones sell for around $100, this one is the largest I've ever seen, and the figurines are a first too!! 
That night on DIY Dad and I watched Andy and Candis restore a grand old Payson house!  More episodes next Wednesday, I think at 8 on DIY. Or may HGTV  check it out. 
On Thursday I took the dollhouse I'd gotten ready, to work and put it together there. Right after work I took it to the Dollhouse Festival in Provo at the Marriott to set it up.  
Here are some shots inside. 
I bought this cute hand crafted witch by a Hiltonhead artist at the boutique. She'll keep my Elfaba witch (that Dad had commissioned years and years ago) company.  

On the way out I talked to the guy with the 'doll house' food truck out front!! Great marquee eh?  Turns out he's a realtor in real life, and works out of Becca's office. He had seriously good things to say about her as a realtor!!   Nothing I didn't know, though. 
On Friday I went with Carolyn and Patti to see the dollhouses then we had lunch, which is always fun!! 
Next I was off to the Salt Lake Home Show, where they included a 'Vintage Art Market' in one corner this year.  Here we see Jami from the ROCC group demonstrating appliqués.  We have a show at Thanksgiving Point this coming weekend and she was getting the word out. 

The booths there were super expensive and it didn't look like any of the 20 vintage dealers were doing very well.  I did buy one cute item for Britt's  Forty Days, so that helped one booth. 
Jeff Carter, from our antique mall was there. In fact he gave me the free tickets!! 

On Saturday I was busy finishing up some invitations and Dad was face booking, when Emily called to tell us they were headed to Chuckie Cheese for the first time for a birthday party.  The kids of course loved it and she sent us this cute picture!! 

Later, I got Britt's final package for her 40 days of birthday ready to go and took it to the Post Office, when I got back Patrick and Louisa were wandering around the yard. What a surprise, you may recall that he's a lawyer for DC comics and moved from New Jersy to Califonia a few years back.  They had flown in for a friend's wedding at the Payson temple. Having seen Dad's remodeling pics on FB and having a few minutes to spare, they dropped by.  It took a little humility to take them upstairs to see the attic, and they wanted to see it all!!  But since I had just given that lesson on pride at RS a few weeks back I've been very aware of prideful feelings and I just decided to do it.  Fortunately we've all but conquered grandpa Carlo's mountain of papers in the library, and I do always make my bed😋, and I'm proud of that (oops) .... Also the boxes lining the upstairs hall to go to DI, well, they went to DI last week!!  So it could have been worse. 
We had to run to be almost on time for Hanna's Birthday Dinner. She chose Indian Food, curry for me, just one more reason to love this dear girl!!  Happy 29th. She's exactly Emily's age being born the same month.   Ok. Not exactly she's like two and a half weeks older!! (10th  to the 27th)  She's the oldest of my four kids and in-laws born in 1986 from October to December.  Hanna, Brady, Emily  and Briahnna. 

Kim had a dance that night, and they all dressed up!! 
Here they are with their dates!! 
Dad, meanwhile, met up with these hooligans at the BYU game.... 
It was fun to see Jon and Natalie too, who had gotten tickets for the game, just one section over on the same row!  Of course everyone's smiling because BYU won!! 

This morning, Dad headed off to conduct his two sacrament meetings and I headed to Highland for Austin's farewell talk. The whole meeting was the Moes and their relatives. ... His aunt Donelle was the other speaker, Brandon said a sacrament prayer, uncle Jerry said the closing prayer, and his Dad Randy was the High Councilman, who did sustainings  from the stake then .... I went to Barb's Gospel Doctrine class,  which, BTW was amazing ... ( see above). I hope their ward doesn't implode when they leave. It was super fun to sit by Robin in Relief Society, it's been too long. 

Dad and I actually napped in the afternoon. Then headed for Davin and Bri's for family dinner. 
Here are cousins loving on the newest cousin. 

News Mickie Mouse shoes for our newest member, she'll be all set for Disneyland in two weeks!!  
Briahnna cooking up some casadillas for the little ones and uncle Ben. 
Baby Madison gets more loves!! 

More cousin lovin.   Nenna  is seriously crazy about babies, so cute, Penny's almost as big as she is!! 
Uncle Brady's pretty cute with babies too! 
As is Aunt Darby!! 
And Uncle Ben! 
Since Eleanor's birthday is tomorrow she got to open her gift from Grandma early!  

I loved this picture of cousins. So sweet!  


  1. Brady is actually our oldest 29 year old born on October 7th, then Hannah on the 10th, then Emily on the 27th and lastly Bri on December 23rd.

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