Monday, November 10, 2014

St George, A Wedding and My ROCC Show

 This week was one of those where Dad was supposed to be out of town all week.  Lucky for me that he insists on coming back, this time from St George, for his shift at the temple.  That meant I got to tag along for all the fun for two days.

I was a little surprised that I had to cancel so many things to make it happen, though, I guess I do tend to cram stuff onto Mondays and Tuesdays since I don't work.

I canceled two walking partners, two grandma dates, my service group working lunch, my monthly temple and dinner date, a dentist appointment, and our FHE group.

In return I got to check out Richfield ... including great old houses, like the one with the head board fence, the local DI, and a local Nazi controlled antique store.

 On Tuesday, Dad had to head to Overton early, so I was on my own to get all the way across town to DI.  I started with a 2 mile walk along a nature trail, including a couple of cool bridges and through a historic site sponsored by the Sons of the Utah Pioneers, I learned the meaning on 'confluence' there, and then got to take the bus the rest of the way to DI.  Dad picked me up on his way home, and since he was running late, I took him to the door step of the temple, and he was just 10 minutes late for his shift, and got a ride home with a member of the stake that is on the same shift he is.

On Wednesday, I worked as usual, and took on the assignment from my Reclaimologist group, to post pictures of stuff I would have at the Extravaganza that weekend.  Above is one of two sets of pictures I posted. (5 of the things in the pictures sold)

That night I worked on projects for the show, with some help from Dad.

On Thursday I took some projects to work.  I had had this truck for sale for $22 for about three years ... on Thursday at work I stamped the words, and painted the fenders and trim, and added the tree to the door. (It sold for $30)  I also loaded the stuff I had chosen the day before into the while van for the sale.

On Friday morning, I finished up a few more projects, dug out my old Christmas merchandise, and waited for Dad to get home around 2, as I had to load a huge rug before loading anything else, and I couldn't do alone, but Dad, evidently could.  We got it all loaded in about 15 minutes and headed to Spanish Fork ...

Where we got ready to set up for the show.  Dad headed home, after hauling it all in, and setting up the pop-up frame.  I worked until 7:00 to finish it up, then ...

 He came and picked me up and we headed up the Amanda Campbell's reception in the barn where Spencer and Brittney had their reception.
 I headed to the show early on Saturday to finish up my pricing.

The crowd at the sale was almost unbelievable...  and I got to meet one of my blog followers, a gal from Lehi.  It was also one of my best sales in years!
 Dad, meanwhile was working with Uncle Doug on Megan's bathroom.

 Just thought I would share a couple of pics of our out of state cousins before I continue to Sunday's affairs.

 On Sunday Dad and I went to church, four hours worth for each of us ... still loving our new larger ward.

That evening we had the kids over for Sunday dinner, here are a few random shots of all the fun.

 Dad set the table and was so proud of his efforts, he took a picture, so I thought I would share that.

I love that my grandsons love the doll house!
 Darby got the grands playing ring around the rosies, all the pics were blurry, but I think you get the drift of how much fun they all had with this one.

Elias gave me his best shot at some smiles, some of the pics were flat our hilarious!!

and that was our week ...

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  1. I adore the Headboard fence! so cute! Who do you do a temple date and dinner with (not Scott I gather)! I want to do that!
    The Table did look very nice! Way to go Scott!
    Paula, you are so creative!
    You have the cutest grandkids!
    Are we getting together this weekend?