Sunday, November 2, 2014

Parties and Witches and Princesses and Captains America!

 Let the bewitching party begin ... as you can see I always have a lot of fun getting ready for my witches party ...  It was extra fun this year to have Ashley Darby and Eva.

Barb's niece Adrienne came and did Jamberry nails for everyone, which was very fun!  

 After the party, I headed north, taking Eva along, to meet Dad for a fundraising 5K for one of Barb's students, with whom she does therapy.  Here Eva meets her ...
Barb and Dad both ran, while Eva and I waited to cheer them in!!

Tuesday was sort of recovery day from the big Monday.  I finished up tidying up from the party, and my plastic cat Halloween bucket, scored my fun Halloween party hat.  I think its purrrrfect!

Dad, of course, had his Temple shift and got home very late, which worked for me as it gave me a long relaxing evening to read.

Wednesday I was off to work, as usual.  I've been shifting a lot of display pieces around which mean sweeping up, tidying, and redoing displays.  The net result is that things just look fresher, and sales increase.  Dad was working south county and stopped and got me Cafe Rio as a surprise, and dropped it off to me at work.  Isn't he the best!!  Lucky Me!

 Thursday at work was more of the same, bringing in the rest of the stuff in the van, pricing it and putting it out.   After work, I headed to our stake's quilt 'day ... it starts at 10 A.M. and goes to 10 P.M., and some people bring other craft or sewing projects.  It was great to go, and get to meet other ladies.  I normally can't go because they have it the last Thursday of the month and I have my Book Club the fourth Thursday, which is usually the same day.  Now that my friend Ginny (above wiuth her feather weight) is buying a house (with my favorite realtor), and I won't see her to walk three times a week, I think I am going to try to get my book club to change to the third Thursday.  It was a fun craft night for me... I worked on doing a little smash book of this years Witches' party.
On Friday I was up and off to the yard sale of an antiquing acquaintance in Lindon.  I found a few good things, then headed to DI, and later to the new second hand store called Tags ... which other than the funky book leg table above, was quite disappointing.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on this little black and white booth including painting the wall white and hauling in all the black and white I could find in my other booths.

 That night found us welcoming some of our favorite ghosts and goblins ....

Elias is actually showing us his muscles, not threatening to punch the princess as it might appear. 

Pretty cute, don't you think?

 On Saturday after Dad's run, he and I worked on projects for next week's ROCC show in Spanish ... but Dad thought we should run up and look at Megan's potential  bathroom ... so since the Acorn show was just another 20 minutes further north, I made arrangements to visit the antique show.  Here I am with Cathie Cox in her cute booth.
Then we went to dinner with Doug and Shirley before heading to Megan's house.  The unfinished bathroom is behind them in this picture, and Dad is planning to get started next Saturday!  Uncle Doug will be helping as well, should make for some good Larsen bonding time, as they use Uncle Clark's tile saw, right?

Today I started off my double sacrament meeting Sunday at the Mountain Air Nursing home, I loved the quote on the wall, and thought I would share it!

Then it was three hours of my new ward, and another testimony meeting ... I loved Gustavo Ramirez' testimony.  He said he was a convert at age 22, and he still remembers what it was like to live without the spirit with him, which helps him appreciate that he has it now.  He and Nancy have been married for at least 18 years, as their Brittany is 17, or so.  I love these people, and I am so glad to be back in the same ward with them.  (They've been helping out in the Spanish ward for 10 years).

After church we face timed with Emily and the kids, then I worked on dinner. After dinner at the table with Cheryl,  Dad and I watched some Big Bang, thanks Emily!!  I am finishing off the day blogging and texting with Britt.  What a lovely sabbath!

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  1. Glad to see the witch's tea. Sorry I missed it this year! I love the black and white booth. Very pretty. Love seeing your kids on halloween. We need to resurrect game night on Sundays! I would say Great-grandparents are the best kind of antiques! We grandparents are too young to be antiques!