Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Grand Boys and Walkers

 Monday started with me babysitting for Becca and Ashley at Becca's house.  Zach's new winter ensemble was so amazing, I decided to take a  picture!

Its so fun to see Zach and Titan playing together, they have become such good friends ... and guess what their favorite toy of the day was?  Yep, a giant appliance box!! Would have been great for last weeks blog of boys in boxes, but of course I didn't get pictures.

I also didn't get any pictures of Titan and Reagan this time .... but I did get a funny picture of ...
Attley, dozing in the sun!

When Brady got home from his over night shift AND doctor's appoint ... where they assessed what is going on with the shoulder that was hurt in the roll-over a couple of weeks ago ... I grabbed Zach and we ran off to lunch at Chubbies in PG for lunch.  We meet with some fun friends from the old Orem ward, including Jenn who was in town for Alexa's missionary home coming!

On Tuesday I worked on projects for our festival of trees tree, and Dad worked his normal day, before heading to the temple in Provo for his usual shift.

On Wednesday, I worked, as always.  It was also posting day for the Reclaimoligists, and I offered this old sewing machine table ...

After work was a mix of F o T projects, like painting chairs, and papermache mushrooms ... and watching Hallmark Christmas Movies on TV

On Thursday, before work, I headed to Orem for the discounted crafter/scrapbooker sale, and ran into Cherise Neilson, something else.  Since I'd run into her at Chubby's on Monday, I thought I better snap a pic!!

Here we see tons of ladies, the first day of the sale in the old K-mart building in Orem.

I then worked a full day, and thought it was fun when Shamane Mason and her just returned missionary son came in to do some shopping for a project he has in mind.

That evening it was off to my book club in Elk Ridge to discuss the book Let It Go, which is about the Mormon Bishop whose wife and three children were killed by a drunk driver 7 or so years ago in Salt Lake, and he became famous for his ability to forgive almost immediately.  Such an inspiring book!


 On Friday, we ran out to Eagle Mountain to Chelsea Walker Callahan's house for Alexa's homecoming open house.  It was so fun to see everyone and catch up a bit, though with face book, we pretty much know what's going on.  We were amazed by two things .... Chelsea's adorable shoe string decorating and the fact that Eagle Mountain is so far out there ...

 After the open house we ran to Salt Lake to get some dishes that match these for LaVern, who was to do a dinner for her boys and their friends who were going to a dance, and who added another couple at the last minute.  I got on line on a face book page I follow called 'Pyrex Pirates', with an ISO, and found 2 places settings I could borrow from a sometimes flea.o.logy dealer.  

Then we hit the Home Depot on 21st south for the supplies to set up the tree at festival next week, and to get some artificial turf to use for our tree skirt for the tree.
On Saturday, Dad was off to Layton to work on Megan's bathroom some more, before going to Trevor's house to watch the BYU football game that they were all to wimpy to watch in the weather sitting in their season ticket seats ...

I meanwhile braved the weather for my favorite sport ... vintage junking ... I have always loved this house on Fourth South in Springville ... especially the garages ...

 Which make the perfect spot for holding a vintage sale ... the young men that held the sale I'd seen the week before at Fleattitude, their business name is 'Atticus' ... very fun to get to know them!

Then I was off to Salt Lake for a day of general secondhand store junking before heading to Abode that evening for the culmination of a month's planning for a charity sale to raise funds for a lady who is in my on line - facebook junking world and who has cancer.

This is the sale set up at Abode.

This is Jill, who organized this wonderful program, where they ended up taking in over $1800 ... and just want to say I did my best to help that number!

This is Guia, as she comes to the sale after I had left... since we were meeting the Kews in Provo for dinner that night.

 On Sunday I went to hear Alexas's homecoming talk and met the Walker's former bishop's wife there is Highland. I ended up talking to this gal for like a half an hour.  It was one of those times when you regret that you will never get to really know someone.  She was amazing.

 And it was good to see even more Walkers/McGowans, including Andrew and Brett, who had come for the day ... Brett's doing his internship in Washington state and flew in for just the day.

After wards I got to go over to Trevor and Nell's church to hear Scott give an amazing talk.  I can not believe that he prepared and memorized his talk without help from his parents, it was so well done!  What an amazing young man he is growing up to be!!    Of course, I loved Eva and her aunt Sarah's matchingness and had to memorialize it!!

Way to go Scott!

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  1. Yes Eagle Mountain is incredibly far out there! I drive out there for work! Fun to see pics of Jenn and Craig and Anne and Kim. Wish I could have come. Where did Alexa serve?